The troubles of Getting a taxi DL in NYC 

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We have all been accustomed to see yellow taxis on the streets of New York, and they have been also used in numerous films and series. However, we should mention that getting a taxi drivers license in New York City is not an easy task and that there are a lot of requirements that need to be fulfilled.  

Where to start?

The first requirement that a potential driver must fulfill is to be minimum 18 and he/she needs to have some of the existing drivers’ licenses in the USA and those include the following classes: CDL A, B, C or E.  

If a person plans to travel, he/she should obtain the REAL ID or Enhanced one in DMV. This would be very helpful since in this way a person would avoid coming for at the office for the second time.  

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What are the steps? 

1. The first thing to do is to have the change to E license class to the D one and it can be done by filling in the standard form which is MV-44, and this is actually the standardized application for permit and driver licenses for the non-driver ID cards.  

2. After, this you should make your mind regarding the identification that should be provided to DMV. First of all, if a person would like to obtain a REAL ID or an Enhanced one, there is a document guide that needs to be filled in and this would make a person filling it in to prove his/her identity. The first page of it displays the following text: Change my existing NY State license/ID to a REAL ID or Enhanced. However, if a person would like to have a standardized version, he/she would go to NOT FOR FEDERAL PURPOSES, and here it is enough to prove your identity by providing the valid NY license.  

3. The final step is visiting DMV and providing a D license after which you can make an application for the E class and make the payment for it. At this moment, you would have to pay a certain fee that depends on different factors, some of which include the time left to the expiration of the current license. Also, you would need to take eye exam and fulfill that requirement as well.  

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4. The final step is obtaining E class license and you would get it via e-mail. However, this will not happen instantaneously, two weeks should pass before this.  

It may also happen that a person does not possess an NYC license and there are ways to obtain one. The best thing is to make an application for one, and for an E one and not for the D one. In both cases, you would need to test your sight, and the three are also practical and theoretical tests.  

We should mention that the issuing of taxi driving licenses in NYC are regulated by T&LC (abbreviated from The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission).