Model Car Kits: Exclusive Military and Civilian Scale Cars

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High-quality model cars come in various forms and sizes, and the primary materials they are made from is resin. These model cars range from prototypes of rare car models to the classic car models, and they can come in two forms – either you purchase a wholly assembled model that is finished and even painted, or you as well opt to buy the model car kits unassembled. The kits cost around half the price of the assembled and painted prototypes, and they also take less time to start shipping.

Sellers of the classic car kits can also come in a third category, which is the RTF AKA ready-to-fit kits. These types are built and cleaned from production burr; they are finished, but mostly not yet painted. The pre-painted models are also available sometimes, and these rare models only need little to no modification. Apart from the manufacturing of these assembled and unassembled scaled car prototypes, these companies can, most times, also handle prototyping, sculpting, assembling, and of course, painting of the model cars and kits. More so, the products are diverse and can be customized, designed, and built to taste.

Available model cars and trucks

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As mentioned above, most of the car model and kit collection is vast; you can find vintage car models, car kits, and complete model prototypes on websites like For each category, there are tons of different car models. With many companies, in addition to the car models, you can purchase cranes, drum sets, tank drums, and other accessories. The scale model cars are the regular road collection, while the model truck kits are rare and contain prototypes of vehicles used by armies in history and the German Wehrmacht. As a matter of fact, the collections of model trucks include several military model kits.

Available Scales

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A challenging aspect of the fabrication of these prototypes and car kits is the scaling. This process seems straightforward, but it’s not. Scaling can be looked at as an art form that involves high levels of calculation, ability, and precision. If you plan to purchase any of the available models, you have several options of scales from which to select. For the modest, civilian model car or kits, there are large scales of from 1:16 to 1:220. On the other hand, military model kits have smaller scales ranging from 1:500 to !:15 or 1:16.

Speaking of available model car scales, a recent addition is the 1:8 scale classic model cars. The model cars with this scale look beautiful and classy, thanks to their rather large sizes. Most of the various models – completed and car kits – come in all of the scales as mentioned earlier. So, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to purchasing the ideal scale.


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As with most things, your budget determines the realistic options you have. Model car kit prices differ based on the model you want. Another factor that affects the price of the model prototype is the scale you desire; larger-scale prototypes usually cost more than their smaller counterparts. However, the pricing is not a huge worry, because, with the ever-expanding collection of models, you would surely get one for your budget.

How to Buy

Purchasing model car prototypes and kits is a lot like any other online purchase on the internet. On the sites, you can browse through the various models they have. If anyone piques your interest, simply click on it and add it to your cart. On checking out, you will be required to create an account to complete your purchase. To get fantastic discounts, look out for gift vouchers.