James Safechuck – Man Who Accused Michael Jackson For Harassment

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He was born in Simi Valley California USA on February 28, 1918. He is married to Primack Laura and is blessed with two children. His ethnicity is white and professes Christianity. James Safechuck is a former child actor and doubles as a director.  James is based at AvatarLab R&D where he still serves as the innovation technology director. The company markets and advertises various projects to the residents of California.

Safechuck is one of the people who accused the late Michael Jackson of se*ual assault and harassment. The story was featured in the documentary referred to as leaving Neverland. It is one of the documentaries that explore se*ual harassment offenses committed by the legendary singer during his heydays.  Jimmy claimed that the first abuse took place in a Paris hotel where he showed and taught him how to masturbate.

The documentary highlights numerous tales of Jackson’s accusers. It is a four-hour documentary that is divided into 2 parts.


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James attended Moorpark college between 1997 and 1999 where he pursued a non-degree course. In 2004, he graduated from the Art Center College of Design. Safechuck holds a degree in graphic design.

Marital status

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Safechuck is married to Laura Primack who he tied a knot within a private ceremony held in California. They met at AvartarLab and started dating. The couple has two kids and is currently living in Los Angeles, California, USA. If the evidence found at the baby registry at target is anything to go by, then the couple is looking forward to their third child.

Laura has won an array of awards while leading the creative vision. She won the innovative marketing campaign including Mattell’s Barbie Bubbletastic Mermaid, Game of Thrones, HBO’S AND Narcos. She serves as a vice president of culture and creative services


Not much is known about his immediate family. The name of the father is James Robert Safechuck Senior. But the names of the Safechuck’s siblings are not known. His mother is known as Stephane but no information about his grandparents, uncles, and aunties is available.

James’ favorite celebrities are actress Jennifer Lopez and actor Vin Diesel. His dream holiday Destination is Miami and he loves reading and listening to music.


His net worth was approximated to be $750,000 by 2018

How Jackson met James Safechuck

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Way back in 1987 when Safechuck was barely 9 years, he met Jackson in one of the Pepsi commercials. By that time, he was working in Los Angeles as a child actor. They become friends and collaborated in many things.

Safechuck featured in Jacksons Bad Tour where he acted as a mini-mee performer. Jackson was so impressed that he bought Safechuck the Neverland ranch. This is the same property where Jimmy claimed that Jackson se*ually assaulted him. Other than Neverland There are ten other places where Jackson assaulted and raped him. They include the train station, Jacuzzi, pool, in the tent and a movie theatre. Safechuck claimed that he used to kiss and suck Jackson’s nipples. In 2014, he filed a suit against Jackson’s estate. In the suit, Jimmy claimed that he had undergone therapies that made him realize that Jackson had been abusing him se*ually. Safechuck claimed that incidences of se*ual harassment started when he was merely years old. He claimed that the abuses continued for several years. He further claimed that between 1988 and 1992, they together engaged in illicit se*ual acts.

Safechuck filed a case of having been se*ually molested by MJ. He was one of the children who used to hang out with Michael Jackson and stayed with him at Neverland. But the case was dismissed on the same ground wade Robson’s case was dismissed. Safechuck and Robinson filed a case against Jacksons’ estate years after the death of the pop star. This was after he realized that Michael Jackson’s estate was dishing payouts to all kinds of claims. The case was dismissed just the same way the case filed in 2005 by Janet Arviso for her son Gavin in which the judge dismissed the accusations as a fantasy without merit.


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In 2017, Safechuck sued Michael Jackson’s estate where he hoped to get some money. Unfortunately, the case failed and the judge dismissed the claim. He had earlier testified under an oath that Michael Jackson did not do anything he could consider inappropriate. But later, he changed his mind and claimed that Robinson’s lawsuit had made him realize that he had been molested unfairly. The court dismissed a case.


  • Jimmy claimed that Jackson abused him at the train station where they spent some time together up to 1992.
  • Reed claimed that James was abused even when he was an adult
  • Dan Reed claimed that Safechuck told him that at one point that Jackson made a se* video. He further claimed that Jackson has a camera and recorded video acts.
  • James claimed that he was abused from 1998 to 1992 while Wade was abused from 1989 to 1996
  • They both claimed that Michael chose one boy to abuse at a time and forgot about the other
  • Both James and Wade declared that Jackson had abused them every night


  • Michael and jimmy were photographed attending a Pepsi conference in Hawaii. They had been invited to the conference.
  • Jackson treated jimmy to a shopping spree at the F.A.O toy store on the New York trip. This is the store where Jackson used to frequent with kids in later years
  • Michael was a regular visitor to Safechucks house where he used to hide from the public
  • Safe and wade Robson spoke about their first meeting Jackson in 1992
  • James Robert Safechuck the father of Jimmy Safechuck died aged 73
  • Safe chucks father told the grand jury that jimmy had disclosed to him that Jackson never touched him se*ually
  • Safechuck senior told the jury that Jackson was innocent
  • In1993 Jackson bought Stephane- Jimmy’s mother a house for being his friend and testifying in court to defend him.
  • Neverland had hundreds of workers
  • Jackson bought expensive presents for many people and sent others a lot of money.
  • Michael Jackson gave safe chuck a car on his 6th birthday