8 Most Common Air Travel Pitfalls in 2024

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Traveling by airplane is considered to be the most sophisticated way of travel, and although that’s true when it comes to safety, there are a few other things that you might not be happy about when you get onboard your first flight.

If you are interested in hearing what we have to say about the downsides of air travel, feel free to stay with us until the end of this article. Let’s jump straight into the content.

1. Flights aren’t as precise as suggested

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Go by plane, you’ll never be late and it’s the fastest way to travel” is a phrase that you often hear from people, and although this can be true in most cases, there are some situations where you just regret choosing air travel.

Every once in a while, whether because of the weather issues or a technical fault with the aircraft, flights can be delayed, and we’re not talking about twenty-minute delays, we’re talking about the ones lasting hours and hours.

When your flight is delayed, or late for hours, the airline company is required to find you adequate accommodation and pay for it as well. Sometimes people have important business meetings that they have to attend to, and when the plane is late, their plans are ruined.

2. It is noisier than you think

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Aircraft can sometimes be loud, but this will mostly depend on the model. However, that’s not the kind of noise we are talking about. When you are on board with hundreds of people, you’ll experience all kinds of things. Some of them might panic because it’s their first time flying and they’re frightened, and some of them are just talking way too loud or listening to music without headphones.

Either way, it is quite a rare experience to get on a flight where everyone is just silent and enjoying the journey. It can happen, but it’s not so common.

3. Not enough luggage space

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When you’re traveling by car or even a bus, you have a lot more space to place your luggage, and you won’t ever run into a situation where you have to call a friend to take some of your stuff because they don’t allow you to hop onto the flight with all of your things.

If you do pay a higher price, however, you will be allowed to bring more luggage with you, but that’s not the point because flying is already more expensive than any other form of travel.

4. Might be frightening

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Although there is nothing scary about flying, because just as we mentioned above, it’s the safest form of travel, it can still be a pretty frightening experience for those that are flying for the first time. The noises of the plane can make a person anxious, but that’s just because you don’t know what they mean. Some of the noises you hear are just pilots communicating with the crew members, and you shouldn’t be worried at all.

If you experience turbulence, things can be a bit tenser, but it’s still nothing that can harm the plane, and you will land safely, except you might feel a bit easier from all the water you lost sweating.

5. Seatbelts are not very fun

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Although the most important part of the flight is to always have your seatbelt on during take-off and landing, sometimes it just gets on your nerves due to how tight it is, and all you want to do is take it off, but you can’t.

If you are a larger person, those twenty minutes of seatbelt time can be quite painful, but that’s not a good enough reason to dislike traveling by plane. Feel free to check Flighthub Reviews if you are interested in some user-experiences for different airline companies.

6. Short-Distance Flights are Longer

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Yes, if you’re traveling to a completely different continent, there isn’t a faster way to get there than by going on a plane. However, if you want to go from one city to another in your country, chances are that you’ll get there faster if you go with your car.

Checking every single passenger before they get on board and then doing the quick questioning at the airport takes time, and this entire process will slow things down by a lot. Going with a car doesn’t require any checks or procedures, except if you are leaving your country, but it’s still faster than what happens at the airports.

7. It costs quite a lot

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Going with a budget airline company might be cheap, but your experience will be cheap as well. If you truly want to experience flying like it is supposed to be, you’ll have to fly with at least a class or two higher, which costs a lot more.

However, if you want to fly just once, and experience it as you should, purchase a business-class ticket and you’ll have tons of fun. You get a lot of leg-room space, almost infinite luggage, all the types of food and drinks that you want, and some top-class entertainment such as the latest movies and TV shows being displayed on a screen right in front of your seat.

8. Baggage can get lost sometimes

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Although airports are the most sophisticated and controlled traffic spots, mistakes can happen quite often, and if you are one of those unlucky passengers, your baggage can get lost. Of course, when something like this happens, usually the company will provide you with the funds that you need to purchase all of your stuff back from the shops on the airport, but only if it was their fault.


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So, that’s it for our list, we hope that we gave clear explanations about every scenario, and if you ever decide to fly with a plane, remember that your experience will greatly vary depending on the airline you’re flying with and the experience of the pilots. In general, you’ll have a wonderful time, and just like everything else in life, flying is amazing, but it has a few downsides just for the sake of things being balanced.