Ball on a Budget – 10 Must Buy Items for Summer 2024


As summer gets closer, everyone looks forward to the much-deserved sunshine and outdoor adventures. There’s something special about this season which reminds you to enjoy life to the fullest by connecting with your friends or travelling to a beautiful destination. That said, ensuring you are equipped for the hot season is vital, so here’s a list of 10 essentials every man must have during summer.

1. T-Shirts and Polos


T-shirts can’t miss from your summer wardrobe, as they are easy to style, and you can pair them with almost anything. Also, a polo shirt is a great choice that can help you achieve a business casual outfit that you can wear to work when you want to feel relaxed.

2. Chino Shorts

A summer outfit is all about comfort, and there’s nothing better than chino shorts when it comes to this aspect. They are fast drying and breathable, pairing incredibly well with button-down shirts with floral patterns. Regardless of the occasion, chino shorts are an eye-catching clothing piece for men.

3. Swim Trunks


Swim trunks are an important summer essential, specifically designed for water activities, such as surfing or lounging by the pool. They are made of lightweight fabric, allowing for quick drying. Plus, they are suitable for any body shape and size and come in different designs. Investing in mens designer swimming trunks will help you achieve comfort and style as you prepare to tackle the waves.


Hats are a must-have item for the summer, as they are chic and provide different benefits, like protecting your head and face from UV rays. Common choices for summer hats include fedoras, baseball caps, and trilby hats.

5. Belt


Often overlooked, this item does more than hold your outfit together – it adds contrast and makes any simple fit look much better. While leather belts are timeless, you can also try bolder patterns like canvas belts.

6. Sandals

While many menswear guides recommend open-toed shoes for the summer, we don’t see anything wrong with opting for a pair of sandals instead! Footwear should provide comfort, so ditch the closed shoes and choose a black or brown pair of sandals instead.

7. Sunglasses


You likely know already that sunlight can damage your eyes, so make sure to invest in a pair of sunglasses for the summer as well. Shielding your eyes from the sun is a top priority, and you can do so in style, as many great options are available. The best sunglasses are those which block 99%-100% of UVB and UVA rays, so consider this aspect when choosing eyewear.

8. Sunscreen

You get a lot of sun exposure during summer, making you susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer. Hence, wearing sunscreen is imperative to protect your skin, and you should opt for a product that is at least SPF 30 (if it doubles as a moisturiser, that’s a great bonus, as it will help prevent wrinkles).

9. Backpack


A backpack is a great summer accessory, as it is easy to carry and can be used to pack the things you need when going on a picnic or to the beach. Consider opting for a lightweight backpack made from nylon or cotton, as they are durable and convenient.

10. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is vital, especially during the hot months, as it regulates your body temperature, improves digestion and ensures good blood circulation. Hence, a water bottle is a must-have item, as you can carry it with you and ensure you drink the amount of water you need daily.

Our Takeaway


Summer is all about making great memories, and these items will help you indulge in the best season of the year without worrying about the heat and its effects on your skin and body.