How to Choose the Perfect Front Entry Doors Color?


Choosing the perfect color for front entry doors can be a real challenge. After all, the front door is the first thing people see when they come to your place. The color you choose can both enhance the attractiveness of the house and play the opposite role.

In this article we will give tips and recommendations on how to choose the perfect color of the front door. In particular, we will figure out how to choose a suitable shade based on the architectural solution of the house, as well as popular trends that will be relevant in this season. Let’s get started!


5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Colors for Your Front Entry Door

Front entry doors are one of the main accents of your home. Therefore, the choice of harmonious shade of door structures should be one of the key moments of the upcoming renovation.

With the right color you can:

  • Emphasize your individuality and style;
  • Improve your mood, every time crossing the threshold of a beautifully decorated house;
  • Make a positive impression on your guests;
  • Increase the market value of your property.

Now you know what benefits you get by choosing the right shade. So now is the time to talk about what you need to pay attention to when choosing the color:

  1. Explore your surroundings

This is one of the main factors to consider when choosing the right color for your front entry doors.

What you need to pay attention to: the color of siding, roof and finishes that predominate in the exterior of the house. It is also worth considering the design of the fence, gazebo and other structures located on the territory of the house. You should also consider the prevailing shades of the landscape.

The color should harmonize and complement all features of the house, rather than conflict with them.

To be 100% sure that you have found the best option, attach several paint samples to the door and watch how each of them looks during the day (and, ideally, in cloudy or sunny weather).

  1. Match your architectural style

Each dwelling has its style, and the color of the front door should match it. For lovers of Victorian-style design, it is recommended to choose dark blue or dark green shades, which will highlight the spirit of antiquity inherent to such houses.

If the home has a modern design, you can think about bright shades: yellow, pink, soft blue or purple.

To make it easier for you to find the right choice, you can use a color wheel that shows the relationship between colors. With it you can determine which shades complement each other, and which combination, on the contrary, makes a depressing impression.

To get the most contrasting and bold combination, use a shade that is opposite to the main color of your home.

  1. Look at the classics

Classics are always a win-win. If you are not sure what color to choose for your front door, you will not be mistaken by choosing such classic neutral colors as black, white, brown or red. All of them are timeless and in demand for decades.

And they also go well with the different styles of the house, so you can be sure that your door designs will look beautiful and relevant.

  1. Opt for monochrome

Monochrome suggests using a color that is one or two tones lighter or darker than the color of the exterior of your home.

First, it will make the overall look of the property more holistic. A great solution for houses in a minimalist style!

Secondly, this approach allows for visually expanding space. Painting the front door, facade, window frames and roof in the same color will visually expand your home, so it will seem bigger than it really is.

Third, a neutral monochrome design can be used as a background for other contrasting color accents.

  1. Be open to experiments

Do not be afraid to go beyond traditional design solutions and show creativity in choosing the color of the front door. The creative approach helps to add individuality to the exterior of your home and thus expresses the character of its owner.

Try to add bright bold colors – and you will achieve just stunning results!


Front Entry Doors Color Trends 2024

Now that you know the key moments of color selection for your front entry doors, it’s time to learn what will be most relevant this season:

  • Muted red

In 2024 the screaming scarlet-red shade was replaced with a more discreet, earthy shade of red. It is also called clay red.

This solution is perfect for homes in a traditional architectural style. An optimal choice for those who are ready for experiments, but do not want to use too bright colors!

The color of the clay is perfectly combined with warm neutral shades: cream, beige, and white.

  • Forest green color

Would be a perfect option for those homeowners who want their front door to be in harmony with the surrounding territory. In particular, it is relevant for those who have a lot of greenery on the territory. This shade perfectly combines with houses built of red brick.

In addition, it is a beautiful accent that will make your home stand out from the background of a standard urban building.

  • Peach pink

This option should appeal to lovers of a pastel palette. Using this shade, you can make your home more refined, delicate and attractive.

Peach pink goes well with gray, white, beige and light brown.

  • Ripe eggplant color

Purple is quite rare in the design of entrance doors. However, if you choose a darker shade of ripe eggplant, you can use it both in the design of some creative housing and in the design of Victorian or classic-style houses.

In the first case, you can beat the color of the eggplant using contrasting bright colors like yellow or turquoise. In the second case, we recommend choosing white, gray, olive or beige shades.

  • Poppy red

Reddish-orange shade of poppy flowers is another great alternative to classic red.

You can use it as an accent for traditional homes, as well as for country or rustic-style homes.

  • Dark blue

This option will appeal to lovers of classics who want to match the overall style of their housing, adding fresh stylish shades to the design. This color makes door designs look both classic and modern.

  • Turquoise

The perfect choice for those who prefer celestial and marine shades. This color creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making you and your guests always feel comfortable.

Try combining turquoise with light brown, beige, orange or light yellow.

  • White

The traditional choice creates a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and order. This color will perfectly fit into any architectural style!

  • Black

It is an elegant and discreet color, which, like white, can decorate almost any exterior.

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