NFL SuperBowl – Who Will Win It This Year

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It’s January, and that only means one thing. The NFL playoffs are in full swing. Only the best teams are still alive, and all the Wild Card round games went right down the wire. This is the jubilee 100th NFL season and all the remaining teams will do everything possible to lift Vince Lombardi Trophy on February 2nd.

Super Bowl LIV will be the 50th SuperBowl since AFL–NFL merger and it will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. It is one of the most-watched events in the whole world. It is an event that goes beyond the sport itself.

30 seconds of commercials during the match will cost over $ 5 million. The Halftime Show will feature J Lo and Shakira. All 10 of the most-watched programs in US television history are Super Bowl. We believe you don’t want to miss it all, so if you live outside the US you can watch the match on one of the streams like

Wild Card round recap

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The biggest surprise, at least at first glance, is the defeat of the New England Patriots. A defeat in the last round of the season by the Miami Dolphins at home cost them bye week, which they had 10 seasons in a row.

Certainly, the most interesting story of the off-season will be whether Brady will stay in the Patriots or we will see him in someone else’s jersey for the first time in his career. No less surprising is the defeat of the New Orleans Saints by the Minnesota Vikings. Although they were favorites to win and their fans expected revenge for the famous ” Minneapolis Miracle”, they still lost after overtime.

Houston made a huge comeback, they were down 16-0, but in wild finish, won from behind against the Bills, who don’t have playoff win in this millennium. Seattle beat decimated Philadelphia in a very tough game, whereas the Eagles lost their QB, Wentz, in the 1st Q because of a concussion.

Divisional round

Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers

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There is no doubt that the 49ers have been a better team all season. They have had injury issues but Kwon Alexander and Dee Ford are expected to return, which will further improve their brilliant defense. Minnesota has to rely on its attack if they want to win. They certainly have a great defense, but Dalvin Cook will play the lead, as will Kirk Cousins.

He has played poorly in his most important matches in his career and that is a big problem. But he has never had a better two WRs than he does now. Thilen and Diggs are exceptional players, though Diggs has a very strange character, so we often see a tantrum on the sideline. Keeping him in check mentally will be a huge challenge for HC Zimmer.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens

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Baltimore is by far the best team in the league. They have the most ProBowl and AllPro players. And Lamar Jackson could easily become just the second-ever unanimous MVP.  Mark Ingram is questionable with a calf injury and that is a situation to monitor. Peters will be tasked with stopping rookie WR AJ Brown, who played an exceptional in the second part of the season. The Titans are by no means without a chance.

They’ve been playing great ever since Tannehill became starting QB.  And by far their biggest strength is RB Henry. Double the size of everyone, capable of running the ball over 30 times, a real beast on the field. Front 7 Ball vs. Henry is likely to be the deciding fight for the outcome of the match. And of course, will the Tennessee defense succeed in stopping Lamar at least a little.

Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

We used to expect duels in the AFC between Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Big Ben. But now new faces have come. Two of the top three young QBs will play in this match. Mahomes vs Watson. Arrowhead is known as one of the hardest places to play for away teams. Hill and Kelce will be very hard to stop, but the positive thing for Houston is the return of one of the best defensive players in the NFL, JJ Watt.

The return of the often injured Will Fuller is also expected and we all know how lethal vertical threat he is. It will also open up a lot of space for the top3 WRs in the league, DeAndre Hopkins, so we are certainly expecting a very interesting match, as when they have met in the regular season.

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

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An extremely interesting match awaits us in the frozen tundra. Both teams have fantastic QBs, capable of turning the match in one go. Seattle lost three starting RBs, but they returned from retirement one of the most popular players in the last decade, BeastMode Lynch. Aaron Jones RB Packers has carried the team all season and the same is expected in this match.

A large handicap for GB may be the absence of offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga. His job will be to block the unstoppable Jadeveon Clowney, who tormented opposite offensive lines in the previous matches. And the same will be the case in this match if Bulaga is unable to play.

Who will win?

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The NFL is one of the hardest sports to predict the final outcome. Only one game is played, unlike other USA pro sports. So anyone can win, which we have seen many times this season. And this is especially the case when it comes to playoff teams. We all remember the almost perfect season of the New England Patriots when they lost in the Super Bowl to the NY Giants.

The Ravens and 49ers are the biggest favorites by bookmakers. And the AFC South teams, Titans and Texans are given the least chance. But they all have their chance, they are only three matches away from the title.

We have nothing left to do but enjoy the remaining matches and the climax – SuperBowl. And of course, you cheer for your favorite team to win.