Want to Combine Your Offline Marketing with Social Media? Here Are Ideas to Help You

Want to Combine Your Offline Marketing with Social Media?
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In brand marketing, it is crucial to understand that one action is closely related to another. Whatever action you take with your brand will be remembered by your audience. Your brand will not be effective if everything people come across is unrecognizable, from the social media posts they see to the billboards on the highway and the ads they see on the television.

This kind of disconnection denies you the chance to engage your audience and get potential customers. Therefore, brand consistency is critical in both offline and online marketing efforts. It creates awareness so people can easily recognize your brand, whether on the internet or through print materials.

Integrating offline marketing with social media is the best way to build consistency and get more results. Someone may wonder how to go about it. We have compiled several ideas for combining offline and online marketing.

The 4 Cs of Integrated Marketing

The 4 Cs of Integrated Marketing
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The secret to successful offline and online integration is using the 4 Cs. Every campaign effort must follow the rules of coherence, consistency, continuity, and complementary.

Every aspect of the campaign should be interconnected with the rest. Make consistent and unique flyers that align with your brand quality with the flyer app. Ensuring the entire marketing campaign adds up to something, not portions, is vital.

Constant Hashtagging

Create online conversations and bring your offline marketing online through consistent hashtags. Use all the hashtags related to your business and being mentioned on TV and radio to create online discussions. Using hashtags in your offline ads ensures the ads pop up whenever a customer uses the tag.

Matching TV and Radio Commercials with Social Media Target

Matching TV and Radio Commercials with Social Media Target
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If you are in TV commercials, make them more effective by targeting specific people on social media. A good number of smartphone users use their devices when watching TV. Many can confess that a TV ad influenced their buying decision.

Take the chance and double the exposure. It will help turn customers interested into becoming your followers. Ensure you target people talking about the product or show on social media. It will make your campaign efforts more effective.

Using Quality CTAs

You can simply tell people to check out commercials on social media. However, they will unlikely not do it unless you give them a reason. One effective way of getting traffic to your social media pages is by offering relevant content related to your commercials.

For example, if you are advertising cooking oil, you could drive people to your pages by offering cooking recipes. Provide quality Call to Actions that encourage people to visit your pages. You could drive more traffic to your social media channels if you tell people there is more than the commercial they can find on the pages.

Adding TV Adverts to Your “About” Page

Adding TV Adverts to Your “About” Page
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Some social media channels have an “about” page where you write your bio. This is the perfect place to add your commercial videos for the users. It will be easy for customers and prospect leads to find them.

Get Optimum Results with Offline and Online Marketing Integration

You should include these ideas in your social media and offline marketing integration for the best results. Many businesses are integrating social media channels with offline strategies, and the results are notable.