Pain in Jaws 

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Believe it or not, there are millions of people in the world that have some kind of a pain in jaws or experience similar symptoms. And, above all, there are numerous causes of it, and it is difficult to determine the exact one, but, in order to cure it, it is needed to determine what causes it. 


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The cause of jaw pains are numerous, as we have said, they go from the ones related to nerves, then there are the ones that are the consequences of an injury, and the final ones are connected with the dysfunctions of the blood vessels.  One of the most present is TMJ, i.e. temporomandibular joint disorder and it is estimated that 12% of the population has this kind of problem. However, not all of them go to doctors, only 5% of them. So, what are other things can cause pain in jaws? First of all, the most common cause of this problem occurs when people grind their teeth or just keep their mouth too wide open. This mostly happens during sleeping. Another thing may be an infection that is connected to the bones, called osteomyelitis. Then there is arthritis that causes the first layer of bones to get used, i.e. worn-out. In the modern world, or in sports, the most common thing is the inflammation of joints, i.e. synovitis or capsulitis. We must not forget the causes related to the problems with teeth and cavities as well as the problem with sinuses. Then comes the pan that is cause by headaches that may make your entire face to hurt. We should also mention vascular and neurovascular pains as the causes of this.  


Jaw and facial pain does not occur at once and immediately. There are also various symptoms that point out the condition of jaw pain. Some of these may be: vertigo, earaches, toothache, headaches, dizziness, sounds that remind of clicking when you open your jaws, fevers, when your face swells etc. it is very important to seek medical attention when you notice that you may have some of these symptoms.  


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There are numerous ways to find out and diagnose jaw pains. Some of these may include typical physical exams and there could be tracks in the medical history of a patient. Furthermore, some tests conducted in laboratory, blood and urine ones, can detect this as well as x-rays and MRI.  


Jaw and facial pains can be treated in many different ways. If the condition is mild, regular drugs and medicaments can help. If the condition gest very severe, then surgery is recommended to remove the problem. These are some of them, another may include something simple as tooth extraction, physical therapies, massages, soft diet etc. 


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Jaw and facial pains can be prevented in many different ways. Believe it or not, by avoiding yawing, you can prevent this. Also, magnesium and calcium intake may have very good sides as well as avoiding caffeine in any ways just as well as eating soft food.