The History of iPhone

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We should all be familiar with the fact that the breakthrough of the iPhone happened on the 29th June 2007, and, it needs to be pointed out that nobody expected that this shipment would be the game-changer for this device. We should just mention that the predecessor of modern iPhones has been the contrast from the ones we have today. Why? Well, first of all, it was significantly smaller (4.5 inches x 2.4 inches), and the memory was limited to 16GB alongside the limitation to iOS apps only. However, despite all of this, the phone has brought Apple onto the world stage and paved the way for the ones that would arrive. Again, why? Well, the notion of the touchscreen has been revolutionarily introduced.

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Pre-iPhone Era

The world leaders in the smartphone industry in 2006 were Motorola, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Samsung. However, they were not even close to the phones that we know today since they had small screens and keyboards in the lower part. The resolution and cameras included were far from the ones we use today. It needs to be added that the market of the smartphones at that time was not huge since only 22 million of them had been sold and the supreme leader being Nokia.

The Arrival

When the iPhone was announced, Microsoft executives laughed at the idea claiming that that would not have the chance on the market of the smartphones. He was not the only one who claimed that iPhones would not last long since BlackBerry officials considered that these phones are not so good to outmatch theirs. However, it needs to be said that the touchscreen technology has been tested since 2005 and that Steve Jobs was the one to monitor it.

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He was the one to go for the idea of including multimedia, especially music, into the phones. The announcement of the arrival of iPhone happened in San Francisco, on the 09th January 2007, when the supremacy of iPhone has been announced. He even added that those are useless due to many useless buttons that should be replaced by a touchscreen that would have all the functions needed.


It was the 29th June 2007 when the first iPhone was shipped and its price in the USA varied from 499 USD to 599 USD, depending on whether a buyer wanted a model with 4GB or 8GB. It needs to be added that the phone was given with the two-year contractual obligation with AT&T. its name was OS 1. We should mention that the reviews of that time were favorable to this phone and it was sold in 1.9 million units. We should mention that one such unit was bought on eBay, and it was in 2013 for 15000 USD.

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This one paved the way for the rest and it was iPhone 3G that started the revolution and started new trends in the smartphones industry since it featured 3G and various apps. So, it all started with dissatisfaction and disbelief, but iPhone has continued to grow and to set trends in the industry and to achieve sales of 216.76 million units in 2017/2018.