Does Phone Case Cause Overheating – 2024 Guide


When a product is launched in the market, many questions come out related to its specifications, features, advantages, etc. People propose various things on the product. As a result, there are many myths and various rumors evoked around the same.

There are many experts who debunk these myths and provide the truth. One of the most intriguing statements which need to be debunked is whether a phone case causes overheating of the mobile phone or not.

However, a crucial factor in determining the variation and frequency of overheating is the quality of the mobile phone case. If a person buys phone cases from a reputed source, they might experience infrequent overheating scenarios. Therefore, a person should consider various options before buying a phone case. Click here to get more top mobile cases options.

Apart from the quality, there are many things to look at before coming to a conclusion. The following sections provide a clear understanding of the relation between the phone case and overheating of a mobile phone.

Mobile Case As A Contributor To Phone Overheating?

The answer to the effect of phone cases on overheating issues is that there are many factors and reasons contributing to the problem of mobile overheating. However, a mobile phone case is one of these many factors that may result in overheating.


The exterior surface or body of the mobile is made in such a way that it cools down the mobile and protects it from the heat generated from the internal system of the phone. As a result, the heat within the gadget is not allowed to escape, leading to overheating.

One of the primary factors determining the extent to which a phone case will result in overheating is the case’s material. For example, a rubber case will make the phone prone to overheating more often as it is a good heat holder. The following are some common phone case materials and their response to heat problems.

Climate Case

This case is an ideal option if a person’s mobile faces extreme overheating conditions regularly. These cases cool the gadget rapidly. Apart from its cooling function, it is a perfect temperature regulator. During excessive freezing, it heats the phone, normalizing the overall temperature.

Aluminum Case

There is a popular myth revolving around aluminum as a material for phone cases. Many people do not prefer these cases as they think of them as heat attractors. They think that using aluminum cases will add to the bulkiness and heat the phone quickly. However, experts have concluded that aluminum cases are excellent conductors of heat and will standardize the temperature, dispersing excess heat.

Silicone Or Polycarbonate Cases


The most common reason for growing overheating cases nowadays is the increasing usage of phone cases made of silicone, polycarbonate, or TPU. Most people use these cases as a result of which they face excess mobile heat. These materials are a combination of rubber and plastic. As mentioned earlier, these are poor conductors of heat.

Wooden Or Leather Cases

Many people use wooden or leather cases as a means of fashion. But, the trend has come down as these materials are not good heat conductors. They trap and maintain the heat from the gadget.

After looking at different materials of cases, it can be said that case material is a significant factor in deciding the frequency and degree of overheating.

6 Most Effective Reasons For Phone Overheating

The following points highlight the most probable and proven reasons why a person’s mobile gets heated more often.

Usage & Game Play

The number of hours spent on mobile will determine the proneness to overheating. When a person sits for long hours playing graphic-intensive games on a mobile, there are high chances the phone will overheat.


When gadgets operate for long hours without any break, they tend to release more heat. Therefore, anything that will eat up the processing power of the phone will contribute to extreme heating conditions.

Software Updates

A person might see that their mobile phone asks for regular software updates. These updates might bring a bug or issue to the mobile. These consume a lot of memory and battery. Therefore, any malware file will steal the phone data such as processor and battery life.

Defective Charger, Battery, Or Cable

When a person buys mobile essentials from local stores, there are chances they receive the first copy or damaged products. As a result, these chargers, cables, or batteries will stress the processor of the mobile. Compatibility issues will lead to overheating of phones.

Lack Of Space For Ventilation

People can experience the problem when the ventilation space is blocked. This leads to poor escape of heat from the phone. When a charging port is blocked or other pathways, it will create this problem. This is present mainly in older mobile phones.

Time Factor & Internal Damage


When a person uses a gadget for a long time and does not replace its internal parts or the entire gadget, overheating can be a significant result. There is a thermal paste that is present between the mobile processor and heat sink. When this material starts depleting, it will lead to poor heat dispersion.

Apart from this, dropping a phone will lead to damage to the advanced cooling system in new phones. This dropping can also cause the phone’s small internal parts to break.

6 Common Ways To Solve The Overheating Problem

There are many tips and tricks to prevent overheating of a mobile phone. Some of these most impactful ways are shown below.

  • As discussed earlier, mobile case material can be a major contributor to heat. Therefore, try to solve the issue by removing the case. See the results in half an hour to an hour.
  • It is advisable for people not to keep their phones on charging overnight. It can lead to slow down of mobile functioning as well as contribute to overheating.
  • Many people do not know that charging their phones while keeping them on a soft surface like woolen, sofa, etc., will attract heat. It indirectly creates room for excess heat, resulting in overheating.
  • There are many background apps that consume high battery power. People should delete these apps and files that drain the battery and consume processor power. Deleting these apps will lower the chances of overheating.
  • Direct sunlight falling on a gadget while charging makes a mobile phone more prone to overheating.
  • Experts recommend not to use third-party chargers and batteries unnecessarily. When phones are not used to the wattage power of these third-party chargers, they will give out more heat.

Bottom Line

Overheating is a big problem for many gamers and mobile geeks. The older model and type of phone force the issue to grow more troublesome. However, the guide provided above gives comprehensive details on various causes and solutions for overheating. People should continuously update their phones to check whether the frequency of excess heat has lowered or not.