Our Top 5 Picks for Post-Coronavirus Travel Spots – 2024 Guide

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After long days of quarantine and travel restrictions, some countries started to ease their strict precautionary measures and slowly pick up the threads. In the meantime, your lingering fears must be encountered by your pressing wanderlust. And, the desperate feeling of how little of the world you have experienced so far. There are around 200 countries and thousands of different cultures out there, and it just looks like a perfect time to explore new places.

Although staying home, especially if the pandemic is still hitting hard in your country, is essential, it is time to at least start planning your next trip right after the coronavirus is over. Your biggest question mark would probably be where you should go.

Our top 5 picks for the tourist destinations you need to visit by the end of 2024 and after the current global pandemic is gone.

1. Santorini, Greece

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Located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, the marvelous Greek island marks a perfect escape for those who want to recover from their life stress. The 76 square kilometers’ island was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in the 16th-century BC, giving birth to a plethora of beautiful clifftops with breathtaking views. Featuring a wealth of blue and white domes, Santorini overlooks a diverse range of fascinating beaches and spectacular landscapes.

From significant towns like Oia and Fira to the pristine beaches of Kamari, Perissa, and Caldera, your Santorini experience would be second to none. Once in Santorini, there are a myriad of activities you don’t want to miss, including yachting, jet skiing, food and wine touring, cruising, historical sightseeing, and many more activities.

Greece has been taking practical safety measures and managed to flatten the infection curve. On another note, Santorini Council has recently announced the establishment of new roads and parking areas to attract more tourists and visitors from all over the world.

2. South Sinai, Egypt

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Labeled as a safe tourist destination in 2024 by The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Egypt promotes a number of the world’s best coastal spots in the Sinai Peninsula. If Cairo and Upper Egypt are rich with their archaeological sites, South Sinai is a perfect place to chill out and get rid of your negative thoughts.

Sinai’s splendor is evidenced in the impressive shorelines across Dahab, Taba, and Nuweiba as well as the tranquil bedouin life of the locals. The Egyptian peninsula promises a variety of thrilling activities, including amusing hiking expeditions, desert safari experience, windsurfing, and amazing diving trips. Must-visit Sinai wonders include Fjord Bay, Ras Abu Galum, and Dahab’s colorful and white canyons.

In general, Egypt coronavirus cases have seen significant decreases in the recent period due to the early steps taken by the country to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. South Sinai has been among the least Egyptian governorates to report coronavirus cases in the past few months.

3. Guam

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Another coastal beauty that lies in Southeast Asia is the tropical island of Guam. The US island is characterized by its distinctive tropical weather, pure water, and world-class beaches. The island offers an unrivaled tax-free shopping experience that allure a big chunk of tourists every year.

Among the endless entertaining activities you can enjoy in Guam are riverboat cruising, diving, buggy adventures, parasailing, and segway tours. The US island, which mainly depends on tourism revenues, is home to Chamorro villages, ancient latte-stone pillars, as well as relics of the Spanish colonial heritage.

Despite being on the WTTC’s safe travel report, Guam requires all travelers to be quarantined at a government facility for two weeks. It comes as part of the country’s precautions amid the virus outbreak in the US and the surrounding Asian countries.

4. Zagreb, Croatia

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Croatia is named among the top emerging tourist destinations in 2024, according to Virtuoso, and comes second on the WTTC’s European safe countries’ list. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has been a favorable and vivid tourist destination for years, and it still preserves the same glamour.

The Croatian city is the perfect spot to spend some of the remaining summer days in 2024 as with your family and friends. Zagreb has thousands of terraces, promenades, parks, shopping centers, awe-inspiring architectures and historical sights you can stop by and capture some lovely pictures. The city’s must-visit landmarks include the Gothic Zagreb Cathedral and 13th-century St. Mark’s Church.

Croatia is the least European country to be affected by the coronavirus, with very few cases recorded, compared to its neighboring countries. Furthermore, the Croatian capital is distinguished by a powerful healthcare system and well-equipped hospitals.

5. Rome, Italy

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A travel recommendation list is never complete without Rome, the great capital of Italy. Avid travelers always go back to Rome; there is something about the city that makes it, by far, the best tourist destination of all time. From the marble ruins of the past to the contemporary picturesque beauty, the capital of the Roman empire is our top pick for 2024 travelers.

Between the Colosseum and the Pantheon, the medieval and Renaissance heritage will take you into a wonderful journey back in time. Flash forward; now it is time to cherish some unforgettable memories among the city’s vibrant streets and plazas and soak up some dazzling nights.

Coronavirus has taken its toll on Italy and its capital Rome. Despite the recent decreases in numbers, the Italian capital is still one of the most infected cities. A city of over 2.5 million population, however, is standing still against the pandemic. Who on earth does not remember that scene of Italians playing heartfelt music on their balconies under coronavirus quarantine.

Final Tip

As you travel the world, you get to meet new people and explore new cultures. In this regard, language and communication become two main concerns, especially when it comes to a place where locals only speak their indigenous languages.

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