Preparing For a Trade Show

Planning a successful trade show requires resilience, organization, and creativity. While most business-to-business or B2B organizations measure trade show success by the number of opportunities, return on investment and leads that come out of an event. The level of effort that is put into a trade show will ultimately determine its success rate. Trade shows are usually a huge investment for any company. So, you will need the metrics to prove why this is an effective tactic needed for your marketing wheelhouse.

We made a list of tips that will help your trade show be a success.

Plan in advance

One of the most crucial steps you need to take before a trade show is to plan as soon as possible. It is never too early to start planning. Inform your team of the travel dates so they can plan and book their flights before the costs go up. Secure enough rooms before the hotel sells out. In addition to logistics, pre-show campaign planning is vital.

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Are you launching a new product around the same time you will be going to the event? Do you have any big news to share during that week of the show? Do you need to print a bunch of order giveaway and product sheets? Then you will have to start preparing emails for the trade show at least five to seven weeks before the event. You will want to inform your audience about your presence at the event and use email as a platform to announce teasers, opportunities to meet the team and any important news.

Prepare the teams

The most effective tool in a trade show or event preparation is communication. Various teams attend trade shows, including sales, the executive team, and marketing. Make sure everyone has all of the relevant information and are on the same page.

Include booth hours and meetings on everyone’s calendar. Create a logistics plan to ensure that nothing is left out and all expectations are communicated. This plan should include the phone numbers of everyone in your team in case you need to communicate with them while at the event. Print out a few copies of the plan and make it accessible on a mobile device.

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Social media

Make sure you are active on social media by posting photos from the trade show before, during and after the event. Invite attendees to your booth to pick up a giveaway, watch a demo or enter a contest. Make sure to include a booth number or even hashtags so the event’s attendees can find you easily.

Provide giveaways

Fun giveaways have proven a very effective way to increase traffic. Invest a bit more money in an activity or giveaway to attract trade show attendees. Get creative in your rewards. It can be anything from cash prizes to cocktails. Everyone loves food or drinks. Rent yourself a coffee machine or an ice cream truck and invite your attendees to hang out in your booth. Food or drinks are the best way to break the ice and start conversations.