The Best Educational Apps for Students

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Education has always been a core of a successful future and it is essential to realize all the specifics and requirements for the effective learning process. The modern-day students demand a studying approach that would comprise technologies and gadgets to make their learning easier, more comfortable, interesting and promising. 

Many educational apps aim to help students in their learning and it is indeed difficult to define which program is of high quality and service. We researched the topic of the best educational apps for students and let us see what we have found. Our GPAlabs team offers you to view a list of the best educational apps that students can use in their daily life.


This educational app is a must-have for students who struggle to learn languages. Specifically, Duolingo became a breakthrough in 2014 and remains one of the most usable and reliable programs for studying languages through playing games. That is, the app offers you to plunge into the world of the game where lessons get harder with your moving forward but still, this play is perceived as a funny process (“10 Best Android Learning Apps! (Updated 2019)”). The fact is that Duolingo offers a range of languages for every user to choose a language he or she aims to learn. The creators always emphasize that 34 hours spent in Duolingo equal to a semester in school. The most important about this educational app is that the learning process is never interrupted by advertisements while the free version does not lack any information and does not result in some limited knowledge.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is something that presents the students with the number of subjects and knowledge for any preference and educational goal. In other words, this app provides students with some traditional subjects such as science, economics, and math while the material may include both the older information, data, and new findings and concepts (“10 Best Android Learning Apps! (Updated 2019)”). It gives a possibility to be developed diversely deciding on what one wants to know and what he or she may omit. Khan Academy is just a perfect online resource for knowledge and skills since it gives access to more than 10,000 educational lessons, courses, and videos. What is more, Khan Academy’s biggest plus is that it is entirely free what turns it into the desirable app for the students.

Wolfram Alpha

This educational app is created to please the learning needs of serious scholars and students. To be more precise, Wolfram Alpha possesses a vast amount of information and data on the topics concerned with mathematics, physics, engineering, statistics, geography, chemistry, and astronomy(“Apps For Education”). Particularly, this learning program allows students to ask for any stuff and just enjoy the explanation and description. At the same time, Wolfram Alpha is especially good for its courses and guides the students may use to get more information, to become more skillful and to obtain better practice.


TED is a unique educational platform that aims to teach students and people some important fundamentals of global knowledge. In general, TED provides the audience with a big range of ideas and views on any possible topic one wants to know (“10 Apps To Turn Your Device Into A Learning Springboard”). The point is that TED talk is realized by the number of professionals and leaders in some of the most successful spheres to share their opinion, to impact others and even call for actions. The advantages of TED are numerous and some of them are the following:

  • talks are not long but highly informative;
  • the app allows downloading the materials freely;
  • it gives an ability to view the talks on different languages.

On the whole, TED talks may be viewed on the official website or YouTube channel for free what impacts students’ interest and presents them with some non-traditional but modern perceptions of the surrounding world.


One may ask a question about whether it is reasonable to define YouTube as one of the best educational apps for students. Without a doubt, it may sound strange but YouTube turned into a student platform for getting better experience, knowledge, and practice. This app provides an enormous base for videos, music, entertainment, and news that allows students to choose what learning approach they want to choose as the most suitable and effective for them. It is essential to mention that YouTube is brilliant in its possibility to give instructions and knowledge on any stuff and issue the student aims to find out or learn. YouTube gathers the information on every tiny problem or question and demands only a few minutes for you to spend and get an idea. Students find this educational app one of the most interesting and commonly used since apart from some other good learning apps, YouTube is about both studying and entertainment, learning through visual contact and staying in touch with the rest of the modern world.


Apart from some language learning apps and those offering some courses on mathematics, GradeProff provides an ability to improve one’s writing. In other words, the students very often do not possess their personal editors that leads to more and more mistakes in writing and poor writing skills (“Get Smart: The Best Educational Apps For iPhone And Android | Digital Trends”). GradeProoff is an ideal solution since it presents some concrete and effective ways on how to improve one’s writing style, how to check the errors or your text for originality. The app results in the student’s understanding of their grammatical and lexical mistakes and ends in successful academic writing. There is a free version of GradeProoff but to get more students should pay extra money.

My Study Life

It is obvious that students’ life is full of complications and difficulties that very often make them confused and disoriented. The app called My Study Life is a lifeline for students to stick to their daily plans and never forget about their studying duties. Moreover, this educational app even serves as a reminder for you to never miss the deadlines. It is an educational planner that saves you from any lateness and keeps you informed about the further steps and tasks (“Apps For Education”). All in all, My Study Life is a perfect assistant for the students to always know about their plans and to follow their daily schedule with successful academic performance.

To sum up, the studying process becomes more interesting and exciting with the educational apps that offer many programs and approaches to turn the learning into a fun game where all the phases lead to better academic results. We have tried to present you with some of the best educational apps for students that may play a crucial role in one’s learning success. Do not waste your time reading some outdated manuals or trying to memorize the words from the dictionary but download these educational apps to make your studying open-ended, provocative and inspiring.