6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Service in 2024

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Having trees on your property is a beautiful and useful thing. These tall plants not only increase the beauty and value of your immediate home surroundings, but they have practical uses too. For one, they protect you from the elements like sun and wind and provide immense amounts of shade that can help reduce electricity and heating bills. However, over time, they can also become a burden that you have to remove in order to have a better quality of life. In other cases, some people want to remove trees from a recently purchased land because they have plans to build something, and the tree is in the way. A large, withering tree may also interrupt the growth and development of smaller plant life around it. For whatever reason, removing a tree from your property is a real possibility many homeowners have to deal with eventually.

This however presents a problem. What is the best way to do this, and should you even bother doing it yourself? Of course, it is a small tree and you have the required tools, you could give it a shot. If you are an experienced handyman who knows how to properly plan and perform various housework, you could be successful. Still, in case of a large tree that you can barely climb, let alone cut down completely, some professional assistance is required. With this in mind, we decided to explore the reasons why hiring a professional tree service is a good idea. In case you want to find out more about this exciting topic, there is no better place than treeservicenorfolk.com to do so. If you live in or near Norfolk, Virginia, and need a tree removed efficiently, affordably, and quickly, look no further than their service.

1. They have the Right Equipment

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Cutting and pruning those thick long branches and trimming or completely cutting down entire trees requires different kinds of professional saws and other gear, often expensive and hard to maneuver. Professional tree removers however own all of the required power tools to do this manual task properly. With something as potentially dangerous as tree cutting, doing it properly, carefully, and safely is of paramount importance. Pro cutters and lumber workers will pose no harm to the residents, the property, or the surrounding plants and smaller trees.

2. Guaranteed Safety

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Cutting down the tree could very well be the easiest part of the job. Planning and calculating how to approach the tricky branches, how to climb the tree, and how and where to dispose of the falling debris is a completely different set of problems. Extreme amounts of caution are required, otherwise, the fallen branches and pieces of wood could easily damage whatever finds itself under the tree, or close to it. To keep everyone and everything safe and prevent accidents and injuries, trusting a professional with tree removal is a no-brainer, especially if you are uncertain in your tools and/or skills.

3. Protected Property

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Experienced professionals know what dangers might occur and how to protect the things in the tree’s surroundings. Using their modern equipment and years of skills in the business, they often do their work so efficiently that there is virtually no damage or worry. Handling and control the machines during various types of situations is not foreign ground, meaning they know exactly how to lessen the potential harm of a falling branch. Even if they expect trouble while working, they will provide netting or covers to soften and eliminate the blows to the property surrounding the tree in question.

4. Easy Cleanup and No Mess

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After the tree removal service is done with your tree, you will be amazed at how little mess you are left with. The mess that is created during the process of a tree cutting is minimal, mostly because of the expertise of the workers who go out of their way to chop, saw, trim, and cut as efficiently as possible. Your yard with not at all be messy and you and your family members will not have to worry about cleaning for the next several days. The best services out there are even willing to pick up the wood they cut, or buy it from you. Some even operate in such a way that wood is a part of their payment. If you bring it to their attention, they can even cut the larger branches down to firewood so you can use it later. If are a woodworker who needs certain pieces to work with, you can always ask them to cut it to a specific size.

5. Tree Care Experts

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Professional tree services love trees and nature, despite most of their work involving cutting. They know what trees like and how not to harm them too much if that is something you need. If you just need pruning, they will suggest the best way to shorten the branches in a way it would help your tree grow. Some will even analyze the soil and other environmental factors impacting the tree and give you crucial advice on how to care for your tree, and the whole yard. Remember, despite cutting them, they are actually well trained in proper tree care. They know exactly what part can and should be removed and how to do it with nothing but the utmost professionalism and safety. What is more, if your tree has problems with insects or diseases, they can give it the necessary treatment to help it, while cutting the parts too damaged to save.

6. Cost-Effective Solution

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Last but not least, paying a professional will always turn out to be the most cost-effective solution once everything is set and done. The fee these services ask for in return for their work is fair, reasonable, and affordable, and you will always know exactly what you pay for. Of course, it all basically comes down to the size of your tree and what you want to do with it. However, the actual labor, safety, and protection provided, and the lack of mess are all worth your money. If you were to do it alone, not only will you be worried if you did it correctly, you will be left with large amounts of debris. Lets us not even talk how long it might take you to do it yourself with the dangerous tools you are not certain how to operate!