What Are the Causes of Overactive Bladder

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People often forget what is the most important thing in their life. Indeed, we understand if you have many career ambitions, However, this doesn’t mean you should ever forget about your health. Unfortunately, we remind ourselves about this thing usually too late. Because of that, we look for different ways to solve a certain problem.

Overactive bladder is one of the health issues that many people are dealing with. At first glance, some people consider this health issue irrelevant. Yet, over time, it can negatively influence many aspects of our life. Some people simply get isolated because of it. They do not feel strong enough to spend a long time outside of their house. Limiting your work and social life will always harm your inspiration and mental strength. If this is the problem you have, you came to the right place.

What Is Overactive Bladder?

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Let’s say a couple of words about this health issue. In short terms, OAB causes a sudden and frequent urge to urinate. People that have this problem know how tough it can be to control it. They feel like they need to urine many times during the day. Despite that, this problem usually does not allow them to sleep properly. People with overactive bladder usually get up many times during the night.

Symptoms of this disease can be different. Despite the sudden urge to urinate, it can come in some other forms. For instance, the victims usually experience unintentional loss of urine. This happens immediately after an urgent need to urinate. Despite that, we need to mention that people with this issue usually urinate more than 8 times per day. This can be a useful piece of information. Some people simply do not consider that they have any problem at all. Despite that, if you wake up at least 2 times over the night to go to the bathroom, be sure this is another confirmation.

When Should I Visit a Doctor?

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First of all, we need to say that you should not be afraid to visit a doctor. We understand that some people feel a shame to do that. However, you need to change that type of approach. You would get surprised by how many people have the same problem as you. The entire process is an unskippable part of aging.

Anyway, we can’ tell you exactly when is the right moment to visit a doctor. Do that whenever you feel that overactive bladder does not allow you to lead a normal lifestyle. The good news is that there are several different treatments that you can use.

How Does Normal Bladder Functions?

Okay, let’s primarily describe the normal function. As you know, kidneys are responsible for urine production. After that, the urine drains into the bladder. When you urinate, the urine itself passes through a bladder through a tube. That tube is well-known under the name “Urethra”. A muscle that regulates the function of urethra is a sphincter that opens the tube and allows you to release urine. Each time when your bladder is “full”, nerve signals send it to your brain. Well, this is the place where the problem arises. Those signals can sometimes stop “working” in the right way. They are responsible for the problem that you have.

Causes of Overactive Bladder

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Okay, now we come to the main part. We do not want you feel responsible for what is happening to you. Each person on this planet has the right to make some sort of mistake. Fortunately for you, this mistake won’t cost you a lot if you react on time.

The causes of overactive bladder can vary from one person to another. In some cases, the neurological disorder is the main cause. This includes things like multiple sclerosis and stroke. Despite that, diabetes can also harm the function of your bladder.

When we talk about women, they usually have this type of change during menopause. This is a good sign that you should not avoid visiting a doctor and starting treatment. Menopause is also an unskippable part of the life of every woman. Every lady can be sure that she is not the only one.

There is one thing that we need to highlight here as well. The symptoms you have might be caused by the urinary tract infection. This doesn’t mean that you are suffering from an overactive bladder. The symptoms are quite similar and this is another good reason why you should visit a doctor. You should check which treatment will be good for you. Using the wrong one will not help you in any way.

Some Other Causes

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Well, we highlighted those that are the most common ones. However, some causes are happening rear. Still, this doesn’t mean that they do not deserve your attention.

First of all, it might happen that you are consuming certain medications that are causing a rapid increase in urine production. Despite that, are you a huge fan of alcohol and caffeine? Well, if that is the case, you should know that both things can lead to the same problem.

Finally, there is a cause that people do not think about too much. It sometimes happens that your bladder emptying is incomplete. Some people simply have a habit to complete their “duty” in a hurry. Because of that, concentrate carefully next time when you go to the bathroom. This may seem a bit silly and ridiculous, but it can stop the symptoms that you have.

Complications You Should Know about

Okay, we already mentioned 2 of them in the text above. Depression and emotional stress is usually the most common complication. Despite that, sleep disorder is probably going to happen because you get up many times during the night. However, it can also happen that you start suffering from anxiety. As we said, many people simply do not want to visit a doctor. However, this doesn’t mean they are not afraid for their health. In most cases, your problem is completely solvable. Do not fulfill your life with unnecessary fear. Start the treatment as soon as possible and ensure peace of mind.

Finally, it might happen that you will have issues with sexuality. Sometimes the symptoms won’t allow us to achieve and maintain an erection. Yet, this complication is also connected with the psychological problems that we mentioned.

How to Cure This Type of Problem?

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This is the question that you will need to ask your doctor. However, we would like to say that you can find many medicines online that can satisfy your needs and concerns. If you want to find out more about them, you can click here. All the medicines you find there can help you manage an overactive bladder.