Recruitment Process in Outsourcing – 2024 Guide

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Often, an IT specialist is not looking for work, but work is looking for him. How to find a good outsourcing company you can read on the SpdLoad website. Based on this, the entire work of the recruiting and HR departments in IT companies is built. There are a lot of vacancies for IT specialists, and it will not work to close them with traditionally accepted methods.

The main duties of a recruiter:

  • Search and selection of candidates;
  • conducting screening interviews;
  • coordination of all stages of recruiting;
  • feedback to all candidates;
  • maintaining a database of candidates.

Often in medium and large IT companies, the recruiting department exists as an autonomous unit with its own leader, since there are so many tasks for this unit that it requires a special managerial approach. In smaller companies, one person can close all HR Generslist tasks, engage in both recruiting and other HR tasks.

Different companies have their own specifics for closing vacancies.

Recruiting in food companies

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The most attractive at the moment for applicants are food companies; the specifics of their work is that the company develops from one to several of its own products. The advantages of the product are that the whole team works for one result, each member of the team has the opportunity to influence the product, the team is a family (for small companies).

Features of recruiting in food companies:

  • the recruiter knows the product and can easily sell it to the candidate;
  • vacancies are easier to describe; candidates from similar technical areas;
  • the popularity of food companies is growing, the candidate often prefers them;
  • the recruiter is in touch with the customer and immediately receives feedback.

Recruiting in outsourcing companies

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Outsourcing is a standard model of IT companies that provide services to customers around the world. Outsourcing companies carry out custom work, teams are in the same office and work on projects, there are many projects, you can work in various ones, partially fulfilling tasks on them.

Features of recruiting in outsourcing companies:

  • a large number of vacancies;
  • many similar vacancies;
  • large selection of technologies;
  • high pace of recruiter work;
  • The customer is company management.

Outstaff Recruiter

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Outstaffing is a model of an IT company, where the staff works for various Western customers and performs custom work. In this case, the company sells the programmer’s time, and the team leader (RM) is located on the customer’s premises.

Features of the recruiter:

  • constantly in touch directly with the customer;
  • working conditions of specialists differ depending on customers;
  • the company sells programmer time;
  • a large selection of projects and technologies.

Despite the specifics of different companies and the features of the search, there are common points for building a successful career as a recruiter. At any of these companies, the recruiter must:

  • know the features of the IT industry;
  • Be able to speak the same language with IT people;
  • to study the stages of development of the organization;
  • know the features of the matrix structure;
  • navigate the career net of IT companies;
  • own modern search tools;
  • Be able to quickly introduce ideas and innovations;
  • be customer-oriented and involved;
  • learn to work with analytics;
  • know and accept the specifics of corporate culture;
  • know English, at least at an intermediate level.

There are enough open vacancies for recruiters at various levels in the IT field. From Junior Researcher to Senior Recruitment Lead. And if there is a desire to develop, persistence to master a new field or profession, then there are enough employment opportunities in the market.

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IT recruiting is now actively developing and is undergoing constant changes. There are many trends. But I will highlight the following.

X-ray recruiting is the use of search queries and operators that allow you to get the necessary resumes from Linkedin. The fact is that the Linkedin base is constantly growing and you need to learn to choose only the most relevant. The trend used to be called Boolean Search, but when Linkedin began to restrict the functions of non-recruiting accounts, this trend intensified.

Selling texts. You won’t be interested in the phrase “We’re looking for Fullstack developer, if you are interested in a position, let’s talk.” And it doesn’t work at all: “And here we have such a vacancy, let’s drink coffee, talk …”. Smart, verified texts based on in-depth profile analysis work.

The motivation is not salary and “buns”, but the fact that chars call EVP – the employer’s value proposition, which includes more than 25 different elements. It is very important for each candidate to consider in detail what is important for him in his work and carefully develop a job offer.

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Again the trend for culture fit. If earlier they hired everyone who was more or less suitable, now they are again choosing those who coincide primarily in values. Now they are completely rejecting questions at an interview such as “Why are all hatches round.” This trend was once introduced to the market by Google. Now they have refused it. The same trend in the market. Most often, the employer conducts a structured interview with an assessment of the competencies of the candidate + test. The last stage is the most effective way to determine professional expertise. Test tasks depend on the specifics of the job responsibilities.

Another important trend in the field of IT recruiting is the decline of outsourcing companies. Previously, they lured people to beautiful offices and big names of customers. But then it came to understand that the employees there – like “rowers in the galleys”, now everyone wants to go to the grocery company. Therefore, outsourcing companies seek to recreate the atmosphere of food companies at home, but so far without success.

In addition, the market is replete with a large number of IT courses at which you will be pulled up or taught how to properly conduct IT recruiting. Recruiting more and more leaves offices to hunt candidates in places of their mass congestion.

Recruiting in IT is an ongoing process caused by an acute shortage of personnel in the market. The deficit is felt by both leading market players and beginners. There is a constant process of the flow of personnel between start-up companies to market leaders, and many market leaders go to work abroad from market leaders.

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In order to at least somehow withstand competition and quickly close vacancies, companies use the entire arsenal of possible recruiting elements. From the banal formation of a personnel reserve to holding specialized conferences to form a database of potential candidates.

The main feature of IT recruiting is the widespread use of recommendation systems. Just advising a familiar programmer, you can get a material reward of several thousand dollars if he finds a job in this company.

The behavior of leading recruiters is very similar to the now-popular growth hacker profession when you need to perform tasks in a very non-standard and budgetary way. Therefore, in the last few years, there has been fierce competition in the market for recruiters themselves.

From a fairly simple and uncomplicated profession, this work turns into art.