Five Upgrades to Consider When Renovating Your House


There’s nothing like a good refresh in the home. Whether you’re just someone who loves to keep things fresh, you’ve opted for renovations rather than braving the unpredictable housing market, or your house is desperate for some upgrades, there’s nothing better than the finished outcome of a decorating job done well.

If you’re looking for more than a lick of paint and some fresh curtains, however, you may be considering what changes you can make to make your life easier – or even potentially add value to your home! We’ve come up with a short list of the five upgrades we think make the most difference so you can maximise the potential of your living space.



Updating the flooring in your home can feel like a big job, however, it will pay dividends when you see the finished product. Whether you’ve had your heart set on a decent solid wood floor for a long time, or your current floor just desperately needs an update, new flooring will not only add aesthetic value, but also make your house more attractive to prospective buyers.

Potential buyers often look for updated and well-maintained floors, meaning new flooring can provide a competitive edge and potentially even result in a higher selling price or increased rental value. Updating your floor also provides the opportunity to opt for a more durable or long-lasting floor, meaning you can save time and money on future upgrades.

Smart Technology

Smart technology upgrades in the home are becoming increasingly popular and can offer a multitude of benefits. Firstly, smart technology allows you to control your home at your convenience. Whether it’s being able to control lights and temperature with ease, add things to your shopping list, adjust your music or ask general knowledge questions!

Smart tech can also go further, with enhanced security features and reduced energy consumption. Smart thermostats can learn your heating and cooling patterns, adjust your temperature accordingly, and optimise energy usage. Smart lighting systems can automatically turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, further saving energy. Smart locks, on the other hand, allow keyless entry and remote access. Video doorbells can provide additional security by providing real-time video surveillance.

Electric Car Charging Port


If you own an electric vehicle, you may already have considered having an electric car charging port installed. The convenience of being able to charge your vehicle at home, rather than relying on public charging stations will save you time.

Even if you don’t have an electric vehicle, it’s still worth considering installing a charging port. Not only can it increase the appeal of your home on the market, electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular and you may want to be prepared for when you get an electric vehicle!

Energy Efficient Features

In the current climate, we’re all looking to save a little on our energy bills. The good news is that some energy-saving features are very simple and cheap to implement. LED bulbs, for example, are a simple and economical update to your home that use significantly less energy.

You should also consider updating your insulation and sealing. Proper insulation reduces heat transfer, keeping your home more comfortable and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. Additionally, sealing air leaks around windows, doors and ducts prevents drafts and energy loss.

New windows are a more expensive upgrade, however, they are one of the best ways to reduce energy consumption in the home. Look for energy-efficient windows with double or triple glazing, low emissivity coatings and insulated frames.



If you need some additional space in your home, adding an extension – or loft conversion – can be a great way to make your home more liveable. Instead of buying a bigger house, which may not be possible in the current housing market, you can add more space to your own.

Extensions are also a good way to increase the value of your home. Additional square footage often makes homes more attractive to buyers, particularly if it means adding bedrooms or bathrooms.


In summary, there are many ways to make your home more liveable and you may even add more value while you’re doing it! Although this list isn’t conclusive, we believe that these upgrades are some of your top choices when renovating your house.