The Road to Safety: Shopping for Car Shipping Insurance

The Road to Safety: Shopping for Car Shipping Insurance

Car shipping insurance is essential in protecting the transport process for your car, while providing peace of mind during this process. While less than five percent of cars shipped experience damage during shipping, having adequate coverage in place provides peace of mind.

Be sure to understand the differences between brokers and carriers: carriers own and ship vehicles themselves while brokers connect customers with carriers.


Car Transport Companies Typically Must Maintain Liability Coverage

Car transport companies typically must maintain liability coverage; some brokers may also offer extra insurance options such as gap coverage or cash toward your deductible.

You typically won’t require your personal auto policy in order to transport a vehicle; however, it would be prudent to consult your agent about any restrictions that might apply when shipping vehicles.

Understanding what this insurance covers and its application, such as whether specialty items such as spoilers are included, can help make the process easier for you. You can visit this site to learn more about spoilers. Also ask your carrier for a copy of their policy so you can review its terms and conditions thoroughly.

Most reputable carriers provide cargo insurance that protects vehicles during transport.

Unfortunately, however, standard policies only cover damage to the vehicle itself and not its contents inside. Therefore it’s essential that prior to handing your car over for transport with a carrier it be thoroughly inspected and documented to avoid theft or any potential damages that might occur during transportation.


No matter if the carrier possesses liability or cargo insurance, it’s crucial to determine if this coverage will provide any necessary financial coverage in the event of damage sustained during transit.

Be sure to request this information along with a car shipping insurance quote from any company you are considering hiring. This is essential information.

Carrier policies tend to provide more comprehensive protection as they cover both the vehicle itself and its contents; however, any items left inside before shipping may remain the responsibility of its owner.

Understanding the claims process is also essential. Find out if your carrier provides additional insurance or guarantees, as well as understanding which damages are covered, policy limits and whether specialty items are included.

Auto shipping insurance may not be mandatory, but it can be worthwhile having.



Vehicles are among the second most costly investments of their owners, so it makes sense to protect them during transportation. Auto transport companies must have liability coverage; cargo insurance should also cover items loaded onto trucks for transporting.

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Be aware that standard agreements may exclude certain coverage options; check before agreeing on an auto transport company!


Car ownership can be an expensive endeavor for car owners. They may wish to transport their vehicle for various reasons such as relocating for work, attending car shows or purchasing one from an online dealer; often this means hiring an auto transport company.

Regardless of the reason for transporting, it is vitally important that it will be insured during its journey.

Reputable auto transport companies will typically offer both enclosed and open transport with enough insurance coverage to cover basic damage incurred during the shipping process. It is wise to check an organization’s MC/USDOT numbers as well as inquire if they carry cargo insurance prior to hiring them for transportation services.


Car Transport

Make sure that you know where accountability for car transport lies – some insurers only cover vehicles during their travel from and to a truck yard, while others cover delivery as well.

Your auto-insurance policy may provide some coverage; but be wary – this cannot be guaranteed; always consult your policy carefully for details before using this option.

Open carrier car shipping offers drivers an efficient and cost-effective method for auto transport. Using a multi-carrier truck that can hold up to 12 vehicles at the same time, open carrier shipping allows shipping companies to schedule deliveries quickly with reduced wait times.

Because more routes exist for this method of shipping, prices tend to be more cost effective; however due to exposure from external factors like raindrops and road debris during transit there may be the chance that damage may occur; open carrier is best avoided for vehicles exposed to external factors that might damage them during transit – however

As well as taking these precautions, an open carrier also offers top load services whereby your vehicle will be secured on its upper deck of a trailer – offering protection from leakage or debris coming from vehicles below but at an additional cost.

Open car shipping remains an excellent solution for many drivers despite some minor risks associated with it.

Snowbirds who travel between their winter and summer homes rely heavily on open car transport services to transport their car between points A and B safely every year; because these services are so popular, shipping companies tend to have greater availability for this option than with enclosed options.