8 Ways to Save Big on Your Next Airport Car Rental

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Car rental on trips is sometimes an unavoidable expense. No one wants to travel by plane to another state or city and then think about bus lines, train, or subway schedules to come to a meeting. Of course, unless it’s locations where driving is banned like the center of some of the world’s metropolises. But while this cost is often unavoidable, car rental savings are not impossible.

How does the car rental system work?

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Car rental today is really no longer a matter of luxury. The offer of cars available for rent is huge, as well as the number of agencies that deal with car rental services. If you are renting a car for the first time, you are wondering where to start. On the internet, of course! The Internet is a lifeline in many situations, including this one. Many rent-a-cars have their own websites so that with one click you will have an insight into everything you are interested in, from the location where they are located to the car offer and rental price. Learn more about it at Victoria Cars.

Renting a car brings you a lot of freedom on vacation. And it doesn’t have to cost much. Discover 8 ways to save when renting a car.

1. Rent in advance

The easiest way to secure the best deal is to book a vehicle in advance, especially during popular travel periods, such as summer school holidays.

While it’s not guaranteed you’ll get the car you want if you rent it early enough, if you arrive too late, you’ll only have a choice of what the company has at its disposal – and a family of four just doesn’t fit in a small two-seater car.

2. Pay attention in time

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When renting a car, take care of the time, because the rent is usually calculated on a 24-hour basis, so you may be charged two days if you are an hour or even a few minutes late.

3. Insurance

Rent-a-car companies will add insurance to the price faster and better, and that is definitely something you can do yourself. If you travel often and rent a car, there is the possibility of annual insurance, which turns out to be much cheaper.

The client must ask the agent well what types of insurance are offered, at what price, and what are the obligations and responsibilities of the driver, ie. the lessee of the rent a car vehicle in case of damage and/or theft of the vehicle. What you literally have to provide in this situation is a police record of damage or theft, and if you have not done so, the costs are borne by you! Namely, none of the purchased insurance is valid if you have not provided a police report to the agency, which will claim compensation from the insurance company based on it. Request a detailed explanation from the insurance agent as this is the right and only way to protect yourself from unplanned additional costs.

4. Be aware of your needs

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Lower the criteria when it comes to renting a car because you will use it for a very short time. Choose a vehicle that is practical and functional, with which you will easily maneuver around the city and find a parking space. Why choose a car with a big trunk when you just want to go sightseeing. Since the goal of renting a car on vacation is usually a tour and sightseeing, choose a car that consumes less fuel.

5. Do not rent a car at the airport

Yes, it is a convenient option, but considering that car rental companies pay a fee so that they can rent at the airport at all, be sure that the price is higher in that case as well.

6. Age and technical correctness of vehicles

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Technical correctness and safety are the most important elements when choosing a vehicle, while the price should be in the last place. Ask how many kilometers the car has traveled, how old it is, and whether it is serviced regularly. The price difference can be very small between agencies since more expensive cars are regularly serviced and you choose between small savings and your own safety. Rent-a-car agencies offer “everything”, for small money you can get a car that is up to 7 years old and has traveled about 140,000 km. Ask yourself if you really want to drive it? Do you want to service or repair someone else’s car on a business trip or vacation, the use of which you have also paid for?

7. How to be sure of the price?

If you pay for the car online, read all the conditions well before confirming your reservation. If you rent a car by phone or at a branch, ask your sales consultant in detail about all the conditions and possible costs. Hidden costs for some companies may be higher than those primarily shown. Car rental companies may charge you extra taxes, parking fees, additional driver registration, additional insurance, travel to another country, mileage, certain equipment in the vehicle (navigation), and even charge you more depending on your age, on the principle the younger, the more expensive.

8. Read all the information and get the documents

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No one enjoys reading text written in small print. But it pays to take a few minutes to make it completely clear to you what you are buying, to avoid potential difficulties afterward. If you book online, the Terms and Conditions for your car should be found on the website and in the booking confirmation – so you can view them at home in peace before starting the trip.

When picking up the car, the staff at the car rental company will check your documents and collect the security deposit payment from your credit card. You will definitely need your driver’s license, credit card, and some proof of identity. However, you may need some other documents, so before you go on a trip, check the specific Terms and Conditions that apply to your rental.