8 Expert Tips for Saving Money as You Travel Around Australia

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If money was no object, most people would jump at the opportunity to travel. But it needs to be said that travelling doesn’t have to be an exotic destination. Unfortunately, many people who wish to travel haven’t explored the beautiful sights and sceneries here in beautiful old Australia.

Do you realise travelling around your own home country is a lot easier than planning an international trip? This article will highlight a few handy tips that will make local travel even easier and affordable. Read on as we cover everything from Airbnb insurance to saving money on meals.

Make Travelling More Affordable With Our Expert Pointers

Many people often think travelling, even locally, is way out of their reach. When you add up the cost of travel, accommodation, food and everything else that goes along with planning a fun journey, the dollars can really stack up. We’ve compiled a few expert tips to highlight instances where you cut costs and actually afford a much-deserved break.

Consider Staying in an Airbnb

For the most part, your accommodation will take a large chunk of your travel budget if you’re thinking of hotels, motels, inns or bed & breakfast options. A popular alternative well worth considering is staying in an Airbnb. Some of the advantages are:

  • Airbnb can provide a unique accommodation experience. You can live anywhere from a quaint boat to a high-end city apartment.
  • Airbnbs often have considerably more homely comforts than a one-size-fits-all hotel room.
  • If you’re travelling with friends, renting an Airbnb house might be cheaper than a bunch of different hotel rooms. This also allows you and your friends to have a place to hang out when you’re tired of the holiday crowd. The cost of the house can be divided between everyone staying over.
  • Because of Airbnbs being part of a well organised system, hosts have insurance in place so it’s not the end of the world if you accidentally break something. Also, they will keep rooms up to a certain standard and ensure there are no booking errors.

Prepare Your Own Meals

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Another huge chunk of your travel budget is usually allocated to food. If you opt for an Airbnb, then cooking your own meals will save you a ton of money. Opt for simple, light meals that won’t take too much time out of your schedule. It’s also a great way to stick to your healthy eating plan.

In instances where you’re going to eat out, avoid tourist attractions. Restaurants close to top tourist venues are almost always overpriced. Rather opt for regular restaurants, usually situated a few blocks away from the tourist choices, for more affordable meals.

Rent a Car

If you aren’t travelling with your own vehicle, it will be considerably cheaper to rent a car to get around than only using public transport.

If you plan your vacation in advance, be sure to arrange visits to sights around your Airbnb which you can easily walk to. This is a great way to save on fuel or rental fees for the day.

Also, if you’re going with a few friends, sharing the cost of the rental vehicle is also a great way for everyone to save money.

Familiarise Yourself With the Area

If you familiarise yourself with the area you’re visiting before you get there, it’ll be easier to plan a more accurate budget. Some places, such as museums or fun parks, might be cheaper to visit than others, but you wouldn’t know this if you don’t do your homework. Many areas offer walking tours which are a great way to take in the sites while paying reasonable prices.

Pack Rather Than Buy

Knowing what you’re planning to do in each area will help you pack properly. This will prevent you from having to buy items that you forgot or didn’t think to pack. For example:

  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Earphones
  • Sun hat and sunscreen

Opt for Travel Insurance

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Just like Airbnb hosts usually elect to have Airbnb insurance when they rent out their homes, rooms or apartments, it’s equally necessary for travellers to opt for insurance. Travel insurance covers everything from stolen gear to hospital or doctors’ bills.

Always Opt For Cheapest Flights

If you need to fly anywhere, such as from Sydney to Perth, speak to a travel agency for more affordable travel packages. When making travel arrangements on your own, search for the cheapest flights well ahead of time to save additional costs.

Plan Trips Out of Season

Did you know you can save money by picking a different time to travel than most people? Travelling out of season saves money as there is less of a demand for hotels, venues and park visits, so vendors drop prices. Another advantage of choosing the out of season option means you’ll most likely have fewer crowds to face and queues to stand in!

Final Thought

Travelling, if planned correctly, can be both fun and adventurous and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Plan in advance and look for ways to cut costs and save money. Use the extra cash to do more or even stay longer.

From choosing an Airbnb above an expensive hotel to opting for travel packages and cooking your own meals, it’s easier than you think to travel cheap.