SEO Services Pricing In Singapore


Singapore enjoys the status of a global conglomerate that embraced eCommerce way before the rest of the world joined. Google searches per second have drastically increased to over 2 trillion searches every year. Locals and tourists alike are looking for information related to businesses in Singapore.

Most listed businesses have attributed this growth to effective SEO and digital marketing strategies. Numerous businesses are earmarking a significant percentage of their marketing budget for SEO strategies.

SEO pricing in Singapore

The growth of business in a globally popular business and tourist destination depends on the ability of relevant and value-added SEO and link-building services. When a business is considering hiring an expert in this domain it is recommended to check this SEO pricing Singapore guide.

SEO or In-house team?

Any business that incurs a recurring expense for a task that they are not competent in, can either hire a professional or form a team of employees with expertise in the area. The SEO services provider is formed by people who have worked in this digital marketing field and have enough experience to achieve the agreed business goals.

The in-house team is recommended for large business houses that can afford to maintain the team as the employees are retained by a few tech giants with heavy perks.

Pricing for SEO


In Singapore SEO services are popularly offered as monthly packages or subscription services. It is advisable to check what is included in the package and the credibility of the organization in link building ethically for generating traffic and increasing page rankings.

The cost of the package depends on and varies as per the service inclusions in the package.

Most packages will include an admin fee, a publishing fee, and a writer’s fee. A monthly package may vary between $500-$3500 per month. The quality of the backlinks and the content will vary as per the package.

Factors that influence the pricing of SEO packs

Of the many factors that include an SEO package, one has to understand that the top dollar gets the best benefits.

But companies should stick to their budget and keep increasing it as per the results. They should opt for expensive packs after checking the growth witnessed in the ensuing months instead of signing on one at the beginning of their journey.

Common factors that influence the price of the SEO package are:

  • Benefits included in the package
  • Experience of the SEO service provider’s team
  • Reputation and credibility of the provider
  • Timeline for witnessing the results; usually, SEO takes 3-6 months to start yielding results
  • Guaranteed results – Anyone offering a guaranteed top ranking needs to be avoided as it is not in the hands of one particular person or agency
  • The industry type in which your product or service falls has a huge influence. If there are many players then it is difficult to rank higher, if there are few players, then ranking is easier in comparison
  • The number of keyword targeting will increase the overall cost of the package
  • Website size and the number of pages, loading time, and quality of products influence the price

Other types of SEO pricing

There are other types of SEO pricing apart from monthly packages. They are per-hour and custom packages that are built as per the specifics given by a client and the scope of engagement that is possible and agreeable by the service provider.


Few businesses can avoid SEO as it is not for every business. Albeit it boosts online traffic and increases the visibility of the product in the vicinity of the local areas, not every business or psyche person can handle what SEO has to offer. Following people or businesses should avoid SEO services for the reasons mentioned

Quick results

SEO is a slow and gradual way for improving traffic growth. If a person wants immediate results that are less than the normal timelines of 3-6 months, then one needs to either opt out or learn more about effective SEO services.

Big real presence


Businesses that have been established over the years and have been covered in the past in local yellow pages and newspapers will be mentioned in some city-related content. They don’t need SEO services.

So realize the power and the need for SEO services before scanning for a provider.