Skin Care Routine: How to Create a Proper One?

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Mostly, people have prejudices about their skin. Having a smooth and great skin is not only a matter of your genetics. You need to have certain habits in order to have beautiful skin. They have a huge influence on the result you will see when you look in the mirror. Depends on who you are talking to, there are countless opinions on how to do it. However, we think that the biggest percentage is totally up to you. We are going to give you some tips on how to create a proper skin care routine.

Things You Should Know Before You Start

You should divide your daily skin care routine into three segments:

  • Cleansing (Washing your face)
  • Toning (Balancing your skin)
  • Moisturizing (Softening and Hydrating your skin)
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The result of your daily skin care routine is to have a complexion that is at its best every day. Also, by making one for yourself you will find out about areas you need to work on further. If you decide to let these three steps in some part of your day, we are guaranteeing that you will see the results very fast.

However, you should be aware of one thing. The results will not be immediate. You need to be patient, and continue working on your skin routine. Averagely, you need to use one product at least for 6 weeks to notice something changed with your skin.


As we said, cleansing means that you need to wash your face. This is an essential part of any daily skin care routine or the day of every woman for that matter. You should wash your face twice a day, in the morning, and in the night, after a long and hard working day. You need to find a facial cleanser that applies to your skin the most. The perfect formula for you will do the cleansing without unnecessary stripping of healthy oils.

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What Does Non-Comedogenic Mean?

On the product`s labels, you can see a term non-comedogenic, and we are sure that most of you don`t know what that means. We are going to make it simple to our readers. When some product says that it is non-comedogenic, that means that it doesn`t do the job of triggering acne or clogging pores.

Many manufacturers claim that their products are non-comedogenic, but you can`t be sure of that really. We are going to reveal one trick to you. The lesser amount of ingredients the product has, it is easier to see if there is something that will trigger the reaction.


The toning process is something that should be done after you are finished washing your face. Originally, the toner was a product that was alcohol-based, and its purpose it is to remove any dirt that is left after the cleansing process. The formulas that are used today are different than before. You should think about them as a supplement that has the purpose of helping in the process of balancing your complexion. In toner, you should look for some of these ingredients:

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  • Vitamins C and E
  • Green tea and rose water
  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids
  • Hyaluronic acid


The essential function of moisturizer is to soften the skin and hydrate it when needed. Moisturizer is a product that is recommended for women with any kind of skin, and mostly everyone needs it in their daily routines. You should have one option for the morning and one for the night.

The ones you are using in the morning have the task of shielding you from the sun`s radiation that can damage your skin. The ones you are using at night have the task of repairing any damages your skin has suffered during the day.