Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

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When you visit the Palm Beach area and Peanut Island, in particular, you will definitely want to take advantage of the fine snorkeling opportunities. The unique confluence of waters in the area means the water is warm year round and always teeming with life. If you’re new to snorkeling, here are some tips to help you make the most of your first time out.

Get good equipment

The better your equipment, the more relaxed you will be. Ideally, you want to be able to forget about your equipment and concentrate on what’s around you. Relaxing is key to really enjoying a snorkeling experience.


The most important consideration is that your mask fits you well. You should try several on until you find one that provides great suction around your face. You can even get full face masks, which are the best for ensuring a good tight fit while also providing plenty of room for peripheral vision. The mask’s viewing glass should also be anti-fog.

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The snorkel should be wide enough that you can breathe easily. Always check that the valves of the snorkel are working properly before you begin, as these valves keep water from splashing the wrong way down the tube.


You don’t need fins to snorkel, but they will make your experience easier and allow you to go deeper and swim longer than you otherwise could. The longer the fin is, the less effort it takes to move in the water; but other than this, the only question is your personal preference.

Stay comfortable

Peanut Island snorkeling offers plenty to see even from the top of the water. If you snorkel with other people who are more experienced or more comfortable with it than you are, don’t feel pressured to go anywhere. Not only could this be dangerous, but you also won’t get the best experience.

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Be aware of what’s happening

Things can easily become confusing underwater. You can lose track of where you are in relation to a boat or other water entry points, so be sure to do occasional checks to make sure you’re not being pushed too far away from the shore or your companions.

Never go alone

You should never go snorkeling by yourself. The buddy system is essential in any water activity. Even if you have a companion, there should be at least one other person who knows that you and your buddy are out on the water. While snorkeling is generally a safe activity, it’s always best to be prepared.

Don’t touch anything

The amazing sea life and coral you’re likely to see when you go Peanut Island snorkeling might be very tempting to touch. Don’t give in to this temptation. For one thing, something can appear quite soft to the eye yet still cut, or even bite, if touched. You can also easily harm the natural environment with a touch.

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Beware of sunburn

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the world below you that you completely forget about the world above: including the sun, which will beat down on your back the whole time you swim. Be sure to wear a strong SPF sunblock or use a rash guard.


This is the most important tip of all. If you start to panic in the water, come up to the surface and roll over to float until you feel calmer. In the end, snorkeling is more about floating than vigorous swimming, anyway. Most of the time, you’ll be floating along calmly, watching some of the most interesting wildlife you’ll ever be privileged to see.

Snorkeling is a great way to learn about nature, relax, and enjoy an experience you’ll never forget. Just make sure you have the right equipment, know how to stay safe, and avoid touching things or getting too much sun. Have a great time!