What Is Spring Tree Trimming?

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During springtime, you would probably notice that your yard has excessive tree growth which needs to be cut or trimmed. Trimming your trees during early spring will help to spruce up your yard for the upcoming months. Tree trimming St. Louis is an important step in making your trees looking its best during summer.

Tree Service St Louis Pros will be sharing several tips when it comes to spring tree trimming to help you do the process properly ensuring your trees to thrive and flourish for the upcoming years.

Spring Tree Trimming

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Trimming trees should not be done during spring because most of the have overgrown. It is best to prune trees during winter when the trees in your yard are leafless. Trees growth are mostly dormant during winter, which means that deep pruning will not hurt the tree. But there is some exception when it comes to tree trimming, and that includes the following:

  • Potential Hazard

If your trees can cause accidents and danger to people and your property you need to immediately remove broken or overgrown limbs no matter what season it is.

Delaying tree trimming of your trees will make your property look messy due to overgrown foliage. When this happens, it needs to be trimmed immediately by at least 10% regardless of the season. Trimming your trees for at least 10% is the most ideal to limit the leaves and buds for the next season.

  • Small Trees

If you currently have a young tree or have just planted a new one, it needs to be pruned especially if it has dead or damaged branches. Always make sure to prune the tree evenly.

Some types of trees can be easily pruned during late spring or early summer. That include maples ooze sap, walnuts and birch trees if these trees are pruned during winter there’s a huge possibility for them to have pests and diseases.

If the exceptions listed above are not present in your yard, it is advisable to hold off tree pruning and have them done during the winter. Pruning trees during spring makes them vulnerable to pests and diseases and may also reduce leafing and flowering.

Proper Tree Trimming Tips

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There are proper ways to trim your trees and ensure they are healthy all year round.

  • Remove branches that are dead and dying
  • Remove the limbs that rub against other limbs
  • Trim the limbs that grow toward the centre of the tree
  • Remove the limbs that are in V-shaped
  • Always trim close to the trunk, branch or bud
  • Do not leave stubs

Tree pruning that is done in an improper way can cause the trees to decay, weaken its trunks or rot. If you are in doubt, you can always leave it to the tree trimming experts.

When can tree trimming be a DIY and When to leave it to the tree experts?

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Tree trimming can be an easy task if you have the proper tools, but when is the right to call a tree expert?

Pruning can be a DIY task if you have small to medium-sized trees that are developing suckers at the base, pruning is done to maintain its beauty or for aesthetic purposes. However, since the small tree suckers are close to the root of the tree where it stores its energy, it can mostly be diverted to the main plant where it focuses its energy. In the long run, the beauty of the tree may wear out.

However, if you have trees with great height, it is best to call a tree care specialist. They are skilled and trained in ensuring that your trees are healthy. Doing it yourself may put people and your property in danger because improper tree pruning makes the structural integrity of a tree weak, making it susceptible to pests, disease and uprooting during storms.

When your trees are developing a sickness or disease, it is best to call a professional to have the trees treated immediately. A professional arborist can perform techniques that would help your trees to recover faster. They will also give you some tips in maintaining your trees well.

Qualities To Look For In a Tree Service Company

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  • Fully Certified

Before hiring a tree service company, it is important to make sure that they are certified in providing tree service throughout the area. Check if the company is certified, insured and bonded so you will not be liable for any damages or accidents that may happen while providing their services.

Some tree care maintenance can be done DIY. However, when it comes to tree removal and tree trimming for huge trees, it is best to leave it to a professional. Improper tree care techniques make your trees susceptible to damage, pest and diseases and may also pose a threat to your family and your property

  • Experienced and Skilled

An experienced and skilled arborist uses the right equipment and tools for your tree service needs. To verify if the company has certified arborists, you can check out their previous projects and ask for certification to ensure that they are qualified to perform tree services.

  • Good Reputation

If you are looking for a tree service company with a good reputation, you have to check their reviews online. But you have to make sure that their reviews come from real people because some can be made up. Another way for you to check if the company is reputable is checking if they have gained an excellent customer service award if they did, you would be able to see it on their official website.

  • Detailed Pricing

Before hiring a tree service company, it is imperative to know the entire service cost before signing the agreement. A reputable tree service company should be able to give you a detailed list of the cost, which is based on the tree care service that will be performed. The company should send one of their staff to evaluate your premises and analyse the tree services that need to be performed