Suwit for Fitness Center and Sports – 2024 Guide

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Cross-fit, Zumba, home gyms, treadmills, and exercise bicycles with virtual displays, are all the latest examples of ways that the fitness industry is attempting to capitalize on the poor health of their consumers.  These new workout sensations were created to motivate people to work out in a non-traditional way,  offering maximum results, with minimal inconvenience and effort.  Exciting and new ideas, but after New Year’s these ideas end up usually being a fad or phase in people’s lives.  None of the above fitness classes, or fitness equipment, can offer a complete body workout, both for the body and the mind. Muay Thai is one way to come to completely train your body and mind in one location.

Muay Thai, which is dubbed as “the science of eight limbs,” is a form of kickboxing sport that hails all the way from Thailand. This intense type of contact or combat sport has been soaring in popularity in recent years because of its promising benefits not only in physical aspects but in mental acuity as well.

Here are some physical and mental benefits from Muay Thai Training.

1. Full-Body Workout

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Muay Thai at Suwit center is an intense full-body workout that involves a lot of important muscle groups.  Muay Thai training uses a variety of physical routines and activities, such as running, jumping rope, kickboxing and shadowboxing. Providing both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, dedicating 60 to 90 minutes on Muay Thai training can give people 1,000 to 1,200 calories burned in one session. This explains why Muay Thai is a perfect way to get rid of stubborn fat and tone muscles while improving flexibility and having a stronger core.

2. Self-Discipline

Attending Muay Thai classes and training regularly (2-3 times per week) is an excellent way to enhance your self-discipline. All beginners learn new skills and techniques and when they see themselves making progress in their fitness goals, they will be inspired and motivated to stick to their training schedule and practice. Slowly but surely, they will eventually develop healthy habits and improve their self-discipline.

3. Mental Clarity

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Although Muay Thai was initially a combat sport and the training provided long-lasting, and immediate physical results, the sport has evolved to provide a mental aspect that other exercise classes do not provide. Muay Thai  also teaches people how to stay calm, think strategically and take courage in the face of an opponent both literally and metaphorically. Armed with  new fighting techniques, Muay Thai also gives those that practice the sport, the confidence to carry themselves in any given situation.

4. Improved Cardiovascular Health and Stamina at Suwit center

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According to, Muay Thai cannot be faked, or those attending the classes, have to work extremely hard in order to achieve the results that they desire.   Members go through rounds of rigorous training that will absolutely test their strength and stamina. Many times you will see Muay Thai fighters going on four to five rounds of training without looking tired, thanks to the cardiovascular training from this combat sport.

Road work, skipping rope, pad work, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, sprints, and clinching drills, all take members to the brink of physicality, however, the results are well worth the effort.

Endurance, or the ability to repeat an action over and over, requires two different kinds of conditioning: aerobic and anaerobic.

Aerobic conditioning, or cardiovascular exercise, is used to increase one’s rate of oxygen intake. The higher one’s oxygen intake is, the more physical exercise he can do without running out of breath. It is performed at a low to moderate pace for a longer period of time, focusing on keeping one’s heart rate slower and stronger. For a Muay Thai fighter, having good cardio means that they have more energy in the ring, giving them a greater chance of winning.

Anaerobic conditioning, or muscle conditioning, helps train one’s muscles to work, even when they have reached their limits/lactic acid threshold. It works the fast-twitch muscle, which is needed for those repetitive short bursts of energy in Muay Thai. When a Muay Thai fighter is in the ring, they need the strength to move around, generate power for punches, knees, and elbows and maintain the power all throughout the fight.

5. Increased hip mobility

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It is a sad, but true reality that once we pass the age of 30, our bodies break down more easily.  Joints often go unnoticed and untrained while people believe that weights will be the solution to all of their health issues. Arthritis and hip-replacement surgery are becoming far too commonplace.

Moving your hips regularly through exercise and sports activities while you can, will reward you when you are older, as it lowers your risks of developing hip injuries and other related medical conditions. Because it is mainly a kickboxing sport filled with kicking and knee movements, this is another important physical benefit unlocked in Muay Thai.

6. Stress Relief

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Parents, those who are gainfully employed, and students all live highly stressful lives at times.  Most of the pressure felt comes internally, but there outside factors that can weigh down even the strongest of minds.

Muay Thai training at Suwit gym is perfect for those of us who direct most of our energy at things that have no physical or mental benefit to us.  After having a long day, letting all the stress out in a workout that lets you throw punches and leg kicks efficiently channels everything negative out of you and takes you on an endorphin high, otherwise known as the happy hormone, leaving you feeling refreshed after training.

Today, anyone can receive Muay Thai training conveniently from their own home, or at the local fitness facility, and for the most part, it will be effective enough for people to achieve their ultimate fitness goals. The best way for one to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the country where they only speak that language.  The same holds true for Muay Thai training. Thailand is where the sport originated from, and the best way to fully absorb all health benefits of the sport, and get the maximum physical/mental results.  There are many affordable, and reasonable trips, all over the world that can take you to Thailand where you can explore and experience the full culture of the sport of Muay Thai.