Meet the Man Who is Building the AI Industry

Born in 1958 in Dehli, India; Tej Kohli was born into an average family. His mother a diplomat and his father a journalist, their family did not live a distinguished life. In 1980, Kahli graduated from the India Institute of Technology. 

From there, he began working on his very first job as an Electrical Engineer. During the next 20 years, Tej Kohli built and sold a business, becoming a successful businessman and achieving his dreams of focusing on the betterment of people. He frequently states that he was inspired by common people and their everyday lives. This is a level that makes all other levels of living possible, without this one, others wouldn’t be possible. So, it is of the highest importance to save it.

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This was a key inspiration for Tej Kohli to start working on the Tej Kohli Foundation with the goal of utilizing technology to provide health solutions to millions of people around the world. In 2018, this vision earned Kohli the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Indian Institute of Technology, a coveted award reserved for those who are making a major difference in the lives of others. 

Tej Kohli built the Tej Kohli Foundation on the principle that he wanted to make a permanent difference in thousands of lives regarding their health. His work is widely recognized for working to end Corneal Blindness with huge rates of success. This is just one of the projects of the foundation that achieved great success.

Shortly after he won the Distinguished Alumni award, the Tej Kohli Foundation launched a branch new program known as “Future Bionics.” This program is built with the hope of giving ‘bionic’ arms to children and young adults who could benefit and are living in the United Kingdom. If you know the biography of Tej Kohli, you can see that he is not going to limit himself to helping people in the UK, but in all other parts of the world.

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While this new project is certainly taking off, Kohli has a passion for his original purpose, eradicating corneal blindness. The Foundation operates with the philosophy of “Rebuilding You.” A mantra that the company takes to heart in helping people to rebuild their lives after suffering a debilitating disability. We have absolutely no doubt that we will witness this project to be of major success.

This philosophy goes beyond the individual help that he is providing to people facing a debilitating condition. One of Tej Kohli’s main goals is to completely eradicate corneal blindness. Another key proposition he has is to enforce these treatment options in countries where the poverty percentage is much higher. This is also where most individuals with corneal blindness live. 

Rather than rely on donors, Tej Kohli plans to utilize treatment options that can be built up to reach the poverty-ridden people who suffer from this condition. One of the main goals that he has had is to eliminate the need for a donor. Instead, he has invested time and money into a synthesized cornea. The main goal behind this idea is eliminating all of the waiting lists that are made every day by hospitals from around the world. Today, this is a necessity, but if you ask Mr. Kohli, it will not be like that in the future.

In fact, much of his money has been invested in scalable projects that involve improving health through the use of AI. Recently, Kohli even invested a good bit into an emergency grant to help fund research surrounding a new vaccine for COVID-19. According to Mr. Kohli, it could turn out that AI can play a pivotal role in resolving the global pandemic of coronavirus. Even though there is no solid evidence about a connection between these two, Tej Kohli is confident that it could turn out to be the case.

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Back in 2019, this man invested $100 million into further development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Surely, this is not the largest investment ever in these two industries. But we can say that since Mr. Kohli already invested a large part of his wealth into mankind’s wellbeing, this is a significant step into developing technology that will have a great impact on the world’s medical industry. At the same time, he released a statement where he calls for the democratization of artificial intelligence.

Today, Tej Kohli is widely regarded as a technologist who invested all of his resources into helping humankind overcoming all of the major problems surrounding it, like illnesses, natural disasters, social unrest, etc. Even though some people consider him a man of shady past, we can say that there is absolutely no doubt that this man is a true philanthrope. We can say that people who have achieved the highest possible level of success are often regarded as shady characters. We can see the example of Bill Gates.

If you ask Tej Kohli, the future looks bright for artificial intelligence. In the last decade, this is a field that got a lot of recognition around the world. At the same time, various industries started implementing it. It hasn’t been long before the main players in these industries started reaping benefits.

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Even though this is not exactly what Kohli had in mind, artificial intelligence has a significant impact on the world of business. Now, it’s the right time to start implementing AI into medicine. There are absolutely no reasons why this shouldn’t be done because we already witnessed how positive of an impact it had on other industries and other fields of human life.

Tej Kohli is a successful man who did not come into his fortune by chance. He worked very hard to build his wealth and is very proud of his success, rightfully so. Each of his monumental investments into building a healthier future makes a major difference in not only the individuals who benefit medically but on the whole world as a whole. Surely, it can be said that he is one of the greatest philanthropists at the moment.