Tai Lopez Net Worth & Earnings-How Much He Earns 2020

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Tai Lopez is a person whose path to success is truly incredible. He began to earn as a child and earn some money, while today his net worth is estimated at several million dollars. With the smart investments, but also with the cooperation with famous brands, companies and other entrepreneurs, he managed to gain his fortune. But what is the exact net worth of this popular entrepreneur? You will find out in the following text that we have prepared. We also prepared some facts about his life. So, let’s start. 

Early Life 

As we said, Tai started working as a very young on the street with his mother. They sold cherry tomatoes and that was his first earnings. To increase his income, Tai was selling lemonade on the street. 

During his childhood, there were difficult moments. Lopez grew up with his mother and grandmother because his father was in prison. Perhaps the key moment in his early life was reading a large number of books given by his grandfather, who is one of the most important people in his life next to his mother and grandmother. Also, Tai often wrote letters and asked for advice from him. These books helped him a lot to discover his life’s goal and find the right way. 


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Tai decided not to go to college. He proved that you do not have to go to some famous college to become successful. Lopez put money into travel and visited 51 countries. This helped him to meet a lot of people and to learn about the cultures of other nations. The experience he gained on traveling in communication with people helped him to improve his business. When he planned his investments, he talked with five multimillionaires to help him improve his business. Another interesting fact is that Tai Lopez is a member of the Mensa-community of people with high IQ. 

Tai Lopez YouTube and Social Media 

Tai Lopez is extremely popular on social networks. He is followed by 2.7 million people on Instagram, on Facebook by 6.3 million, on Twitter 711 thousand people follow him, while Tai on YouTube has 1.3 million subscribers. Also, Forbes declared him as “Top Tech and Business Influencer”. 


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Earlier we said that he began his success in the street as a seller of cherry tomatoes. Also, Tai decided not to go to college. Although he was sometimes in difficult situations, this decision was correct. 

With his own work, he managed to become one of the best experts in his field. He was engaged by GE Capital as a financial manager. Also, he is currently an online business mentor, and thanks to his great popularity on social networks, he managed to make a great success. 

What Is Tai Lopez’s Program? 

Tai Lopez introduced his personal “67 Steps program”. This program presents tips and instructions based on his personal experience. Also, these are his ways that have led him to success and wealth. As you have assumed, the price of his program is $67 a month. 

The number 67 is also linked to a study revealed by University College London, which states that it takes 67 days to establish habits. 

In addition to his personal methods of success, in his program, he also presented some of the tips of well-known and successful people like Bill Gates. 

Anyone who approaches his program will be able to join the Facebook community that includes people of the same mindset. Also, if at some point you are not satisfied with the program, there is a 60-day guaranteed return of money. 

Tai also has his The Tai Lopez Show, which you can follow on his site and Apple Podcasts. Tai is an advisor to several large multimillion-dollar companies. Lopez also runs the Mentor Box LLC project, which now has 65,000 subscribers and does not take a lot of time, and brings him monthly incomes of $ 1million. In addition, he leads several more projects. 


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Tai says that if you want to be successful and top-notch, you have to work hard, otherwise, the results will not be satisfactory. He considers it important that you regularly play chess or read the book in order to improve your mental health. It is also important to strike a balance between Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness that are the basis of The Good Life. In this way, you will be ready to achieve your goals. 

In addition, he states that cooperation with others is another important part of successful business. You can also communicate with other successful people via social networks. This will also help you make your brand known. However, in the beginning, it’s better to focus on platforms that are familiar to you, and later you can expand your marketing to some other ones. His favorite philosophers are Descartes, Gandhi, Aristotle, Freud and Confucius. 

Personal Life 

It is very important for Lopez to strike a balance between work and life. Accordingly, he decided to reduce business and earnings in 2018, primarily because he needed more free time. His health and quality of life are more important than business meetings. 

One of his habits is reading about the current economic situation in the world. Tai is currently not married and is living in Hollywood Hills. 

What is Tai Lopez’s Net Worth in 2024?

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For the end, the net worth of Tai Lopez. So how much does this successful entrepreneur make? His net worth is estimated at $5 million. 

He earned his fortune thanks to the projects he leads (67 Steps) as well as the online course “Knowledge That Made Me Millions of Dollars a Year”. In addition, he earned a profit through cooperation with famous brands and giving advice to his clients. He also has a lot of companions on social networks. This can be one way to start your own business through social networks and to collaborate with successful people and companies.