The Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating After 50

If you reach a certain age, getting into a new romantic relationship can be tricky. But for someone over 50, finding a companion is just as valid and essential. Yes, there are plenty of online dating sites and apps that cater to a more mature population, but successfully navigating through the intricacies of online dating often deter many from trying.

But as baby boomers reach retirement age, loneliness becomes a significant problem for those who no longer work or have been divorced, widowed, or remained single for a long time. And since social interaction for older people does not come naturally, online dating becomes the ideal solution to finding a partner. So even if you are over 60 there is still a chance for you to find love! gives great tips for singles over 60.

Online dating for seniors: the statistics

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In 2016, a US study showed that around 15% of the adult population had used online and mobile apps for dating. A further 12% of those who are between the ages of 55 to 64 have also admitted to using these sites and apps. This number was a significant increase from back in 2013 when only 6% of the same age demographic tried online dating.

The growing interest in using dating sites and apps, even with the more mature population is a natural side-effect of how society has come to embrace digital technology. In the past, seniors were presumed to shy away from using gadgets and devices, but nothing can be farther from the truth today.

Furthermore, online dating sites also act as a means of connecting people from all kinds of backgrounds. In a detailed description of OurTime found at, while the site is primarily aimed at helping singles over 50 to find a partner, the site also welcomes younger users who want to sign up and date more mature singles.

The challenges of online dating for seniors

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The numbers don’t lie – online dating is the way of the future, and everyone can benefit from it. However, technology is not without flaws. One of the reasons why many seniors today still hesitate to use dating sites and apps is that others have had bad experiences. Some of the common issues include:

  • Catfishing. Even seniors fall prey to individuals posing as potential matches to scam people. Seniors are more likely to be targeted because they are deemed to be more vulnerable.
  • Algorithms and filters that don’t work as intended. Each dating site boasts of using the latest algorithm to find matches. Unfortunately, not all of these algorithms work, and some are mere advertising tactics. It is vital that you carefully assess the reputation of the site or app you’re using to avoid falling victim to this issue.
  • Lack of security. One of the most prevalent concerns in online dating is the lack of security. Indeed, some sites cannot provide the protection needed to ward off privacy threats; it is not the case for all dating sites and apps. Many wholesome and reliable services can guarantee the security of their users. Suppose you are interested in digging deeper into security topics and the most common risk faced every day. In that case, you can check this VPNCompare’s Silver Surfer guide. A trustworthy source that will provide tons of practical advice regarding how the elderly can protect their privacy and sensitive data.

While these concerns apply to online dating as a whole, seniors tend to hesitate more because perhaps because of their limited experience with these platforms. Fortunately, online dating doesn’t have to be intimidating. While there are no specific rules that can guarantee success, there are dos and don’ts that will help you overcome many of the issues that others encounter.

Be honest in creating your profile and sharing your interests

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Whether you like it or not, dating sites use computer algorithms based on the information you put in your profile. As such, dishonesty will not get you anywhere. The more open you are about your background, your likes, and dislikes, the more likely it is for you to find a compatible match.

One of the key features of most dating sites is allowing each user to browse user profiles freely. This way, you can find someone who matches your preferences and interests. It also makes a difference when you take time to assess what currently appeals to you so that the site’s algorithms and filters can function effectively and find matches according to your profile description.

Focus on the present and leave your past behind

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Emotional baggage from previous relationships should never reflect in your online dating profile. It would be best if you approach dating from a fresh perspective. Yes, your past may have defined who you are now, but the painful memories should not taint what hope you have of engaging in another loving and healthy relationship.

In finding a partner when you are over 50, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude and remain excited about what the future holds. You will succeed in inviting new people into your life by not thinking about your past and the things that went wrong then.

Make companionship your primary goal

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Although attraction is critical in finding a partner, it should not be the only reason to consider dating someone you meet online. As you become more mature, your goal is to find someone whose companionship you enjoy. Physical attraction will come naturally as you become more comfortable with each other’s presence.

Don’t post old pictures

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One thing you should never do when creating an online dating profile is post old photos. Many are guilty of this, thinking that they will get more matches by using pictures when they were younger. You always want to come off as genuine and natural to invite the same energy from people. If you can, have a professional take your photos.

Don’t involve your family or close friends before any of you are ready

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There is always a misconception that as you mature, you should no longer have any inhibitions, especially in dating. On the contrary, involving close friends and family members will put undue pressure on a new relationship.

It would help if you took as much time as possible to learn about each other. Have fun, and enjoy each other’s company first before involving other people. When you are both ready, introducing each other to family members will become more natural as your relationship continues to progress.