The First Week of Dog Adoption

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We all love dogs because they are always there when you need them, and they are going to be the greatest gift you can give to your child.

It’s good that you have chosen to adopt a helpless dog. It might be a bit more work than an already trained dog, but it’s far more rewarding.

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Here is an easy to follow guide to the first week of having a new dog, especially one with past issues. After reading this article, you will know how to arrange the perfect orientation.

Day 1

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The first thing you have to do is take your new dog straight to the vet. Get your dog a check-up, and take all the measures necessary according to the instructions of the good doctor.

Dog Collar

After that, get your dog a good dog collar. Don’t get a fancy one. Instead, get a comfortable one. This will ensure no more visits to the dog pound.


Now that your dog has a doctor and a dog collar, it’s time to go shopping. Get your dog all his favorite toys. Also, get a good basket and blanket. Don’t forget a ton of dog food.


Next, bring your dog straight home and give it a good bath. Furthermore, use a good shampoo that is specially made for repelling insects.

Name The Dog

Don’t forget to name your dog something incredible like Mozart or Superman, or you could let your kids name the dog.

Day 2

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Now your dog might not be touch-friendly yet, but it has a tummy that is starving for some nourishment. You can bond with your dog later; let it eat well for now.

Decorate Space with Toys

With a full tummy, your dog is now ready for some exploring. But before that, decorate your dog’s space with toys. These toys will comfort your still lonesome dog.

Give Space

As your dog is new and might have a lot of trauma from its past life, give him some space. Let your new housemate explore the unfamiliar place and establish a safe ground.

Clean Potty

Please don’t shame your dog about his poop right away. And always stray from physical punishment or shame. Go with tonal discipline, but don’t be hard on yourself either; acknowledgment of tonal commands takes time.


Observe your dog as much as possible. It will help you communicate with your dog later on. After all, every dog has a different personality and unique wounds to heal.

Day 3

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Establish Contact

Now that your dog is eating and exploring your house, it’s time to establish contact. Work your way to the teeth. This will establish trust and reduce the risk of bites.


Play with your dog as much as you can as it won’t live long. You brought home a dog to play with, so don’t be shy. Get in there and play around like brothers.


This is something that comes naturally and needs little words to express. Love your dog like your baby and express your affection vocally and physically. Also, dogs pick up on your facial expressions instantly, so a little eyebrow animation won’t hurt.

Start Potty Training

Alright! Now that you and your dog love each other madly, start potty training. It’s better to get bad news from someone that loves you. If your dog poops where its a no-no, train them otherwise. If you can use your voice more than your hands, you are a good trainer.

Talk To Your Dog

Training your dog can be a tiring task if you don’t use physical means. However, it’s not impossible. On the contrary, if you talk to your dog constantly, it will shock you how much he knows what you are saying.

He is like a little computer trying to translate code. A few treats along the way will help the fella out in understanding you for who you are.

Day 4

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Introduce Your Kids

Great! Now that you have a lovable dog that obeys your commands, get your kids in there. They are the greatest friends your dog will make, not you. As you see them playing, you will soon understand that the world is not yours; it’s your child’s.

Your kid might be afraid of the dog at first. That happens sometimes, but it’s nothing to worry about; things like this take time.

Set Rules

Set some rules for both your children and your dog. Firstly, wash after playing. Next, no table food. After that, no hard play.

Train Your Kid Not to be Violent

This is important if you are to have a dog at all. There is no point in saving an abused dog if you are going to abuse the dog too.

Some kids are violent, and truthfully, a dog can be the best cure for this bad habit. Your kid needs to know that her dog is family and there is no place for violence in the family.

Reward Cooperation

If you see that your dog and child are getting along in a meaningful way, reward both of them. They are to be like a Pokemon and Pokemon master, interdependent in achieving goals.

Let Them Sleep Together

There are a lot of religions out there, and some see this as a silly thing to do. If your beliefs prevent you from sleeping with your dog, it’s fine. But, if God is on your side on this one, please let your kids sleep with their dog.

There is nothing wrong with sleeping with your dog if you bathe your dog regularly. In fact, sleeping with the dog can ease the suffering of bad dreams and fear of the unknown.

Day 5

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Train Your Dog To Do Everyday Chores

You now have a perfect dog in your hands ready to do advanced tasks. Start teaching your dog how to sit, play fetch, wait, jump, stand, say “I love you,” and any other crazy thing you can come up with.

This may take a long time or not that much time at all. It depends on your dog, you, and the fluency of communication between you. Some dogs learn slow, and that is just the way they are.

This is not a big deal because his brain can do tricks that you can’t comprehend. Sniffing out cocaine or saving a drowning man is just some of them.

Day 6

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Train Your Dog to Behave in Public

Your dog needs training to be decent in public just like you do. You might excuse your dog for being a dog, but the world is harsh and may not do the same.

Some things that you can work on include control over staying away from other dogs. Next, stop public poopies. Also, teach them to wait so that they do so while you are talking to someone or are popping into a “No dogs allowed” store.

Day 7

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Let Your Dog Take Your Kids Out

Finally, the most important day after the arrival of your dog is here. You have done an excellent job so far, but the greatest decision is yet to come. You have to put some blind faith in an animal.

In ancient times, the first child’s care had wolf paws on it. You, too, have to trust the k9 like your ancestors did.

You have to let your dog take your child out on unmonitored adventures. The two have to figure out interdependency as soon as possible.

And if you have successfully won over your dog, your children are now worth more to your dog than his favorite treat.


Be good to your dog, and your dog will serve you for life. But first, you have to win over his trust. This is a bit difficult if your dog suffers from past trauma.

Don’t give up though if your dog is not responding to your love. All wounds can heal in this lifetime with the right amount of nurturing.

Get your dog a vet and a dog collar, then shop for him. Next, start training your dog and then introduce your kids. Set some ground rules and observe. When the time is right, let your new dog lead your child.

Once your child is best buds with your dog, your job is complete. So, pat yourself on the back and maybe think about adopting another lonely soul.

Not necessarily true.