The great comeback of patches and pins 

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Many trends from a few decades ago that we considered dead are now coming back. It happened with Tie-Dye, oversized mom jeans, and now it’s happening with pins and patches. Such is the circle of fashion. It seems like every year we find a new trend to resurrect. And you know what? We love it. We weren’t wrong to bring back the mum jeans or the Tie-Dye, and we certainly aren’t wrong about pins and patches either.

Pins were a big part of the ‘80s and ‘90s fashion, especially with kids and teenagers. Brands keep looking back into the hip-hop, pop, and hippie culture in order to find inspiration for new products that will take over the world. And who knew that such a small thing like pins could make such a big splash?

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There are so many options to choose from. You can find pins for a dollar, or for a few hundred dollars, you can make custom enamel pins, or you can trade them with your friends. Many brands are also looking at pins as a good addition to their marketing merchandise.

The pins can be fashionable, humoristic, and they allow you to put a bit of your personality on your wardrobe. They can be added on almost anything, but they’re most often worn on denim jackets, cotton T-shirts, and backpacks. The choices and designs are numerous. And the best part about them, they are long-lasting which makes them particularly convenient as a part of merchandise. Sure, brands can give out pens, notebooks, and T-shirts, but none of it will last as long as a high-quality pin. And it’s so easy to make a custom one as well! They aren’t too expensive, except if you’re looking for the one with gold and diamonds on it which is a real thing by the way, and they are small and practical for distribution. As we can read on EnamelPins, the process of making a custom pin isn’t that difficult. You can even get the help of a professional designer that will turn your idea into reality.

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On the other hand, we have patches. The majority of things I said about pins, goes for patches as well. They are a quirky addition to your outfit and can be a great conversation starter. While you might add them to your pants, shirts, and jackets, try keeping it simple. If you have your jeans full of patches on, try pairing them with something simpler as you don’t want to overdo it. Bomber jackets look particularly amazing with patches, as do denim shorts and skirts. Pair a wide, plain white T-shirt with ripped jeans and a jacket on which you added several patches for a fresh and trendy look.

There are different types of patches on the market, but the embroidered ones are the most popular choice. Also, you can buy the patch that you’ll have to sew onto your clothes, but you can also opt for the iron-on patches. The latter option is a more convenient one, but I would say go for the first one as they’ll last longer.