The Top 10 Best Job Markets for Teaching English in 2024

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With more than 1.7 billion people learning English worldwide, there has never been a better time to teach English abroad than now. With opportunities popping up everywhere in the world from Thailand, Mexico, South Korea to Germany, you may be wondering where to go. All of these places have their own appeal and their own disadvantages. The one you choose depends on your own preferences and factors like experience, cost, and visa requirements.

1. Germany

If you plan on teaching English in Europe, you should consider Germany as one of your first stops. The main advantage of teaching English in Germany is that Americans can get sponsored for a work visa. The best time to travel to teach in Germany is September/October and January.

2. Thailand

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Thailand is one of the fastest growing teaching markets in Asia. It is known for generous salaries and a comfortable lifestyle as well as the opportunity to visit some of the South East Nation’s most popular tourist attractions.

3. Japan

Because of the popularity of private language learning schools, Japan is easily the largest and strongest English reaching markets in Asia. A Bachelor’s degree is however required as well as a TEFL certification, so be sure to get those in order before traveling.

4. Mexico

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Mexico is quite easily the largest market for English teachers in Latin America. There is a huge demand to learn the language because of the country’s close ties both economically and culturally with the United States. English Teachers in Mexico can expect to earn a comfortable living with flexible working hours.

5. Spain

Even with the lagging economy, the demand for English teachers is Spain has remained steady over the years. You will need TEFL certification to apply for a position and the best time to do that is often mid-September to mid-October and early January.

6. China

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The world’s most populous country is also one of the strongest markets for English teachers. China is particularly attractive to most English teachers because of certain benefits like free housing that you may not find in other destinations. You might also get the unique opportunity to travel to some of the country’s tourist attractions.

7. Colombia

For a long time, this Latin American nation was ravaged by political turmoil and drug violence, but decades of relative peace and political stabilization have made it one of the most stable economies in the region. This, in turn, has led to a demand for English teachers as Colombia transforms into a dynamic center of culture and commerce.

8. Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic presents a unique opportunity to see the other side of Europe. If you fancy medieval castles, picturesque villages and great bars, you’ll be happy to know that the country presents a vibrant market for English teachers. It is also considerably easier for an American to get a work visa than any other European countries.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the best countries to visit, and your visit will be more rewarding if you are teaching English. It is one of the fastest growing job markets in Asia for English teachers and continues to grow each year. Good salaries and a low cost of living mean that you can save the equivalent of $500 after expenses.

10. South Korea

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It is perhaps the most attractive market for English teachers precisely because of the excellent working conditions you can expect to enjoy. English teachers in South Korea get benefits such as free housing, free airfare and enough salary to save $1000 a month after expenses.