Top 10 Local Business Marketing Tools for 2024

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Marketing your local business can be tough! However, if you’re enthusiastic about spreading the word about your local business, and utilize technology to your advantage, there are fortunately many super strategies and tools out there to help you. 2024 is all about making local business marketing convenient, stress-free and effective for professionals everywhere. If you want to market your business like a digital marketing expert, use these tools and you no longer have to feel overwhelmed or uncertain while marketing your home based or Main Street business.

1. Anytime Mailbox

You can spread the word about your startup or home-based business by utilizing Anytime Mailbox – a simple user-friendly digital mailbox service that gives your business a mailing address so you can pop up with the established businesses in your town. They also offer mail forwarding to mail scanning. Anytime Mailbox is a great option for anyone that doesn’t want to list their home address for their business.

2. Instagram

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform that’s terrific for posting vacation photographs and selfies. It’s also one that can aid you with your aim to promote your business well. If you want the people in your town or city to find out about your restaurant’s newest menu items, you can post appetizing dish images on Instagram. If you want consumers in your region to discover your boutique’s funky threads, you can post inventory pictures as well. Instagram paid search is great to build your brand and you can drill your brand into potential customers head as they scroll past multiple times a day for what you pay for a cup of coffee.

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3. Google My Business

Google My Business is a trusted online directory that, true to its name, is a division of the famed search engine. Setting up an in-depth profile for your business through Google My Business won’t cost you anything. It will help you draw in people who are part of your target audience as well. If you want people in your area to head to your fitness center, laundromat, eatery, coffeehouse, grocery store or bookshop, then you need to test out Google My Business right away. Google My Business helps expedite your business growth because any time a potential customer searches within your geographic range – you pop up. No fees. No SEO consultants. Instant, free traffic.

4. Facebook

Facebook is a social media giant that’s hailed by individuals and businesses all around the globe. Establishing a rock-solid presence on this social network can be wonderful for your local business. It can help people nearby stumble upon you. If you want to put all of the things that make your business exceptional on display, then you need the assistance of a Facebook page that’s visually appealing, contemporary and straightforward. Be sure to communicate effectively with any individuals who reach out to you, too. Aim to respond to questions and comments in an efficient manner no matter what. Facebook owns Instagram so just like with Instagram – you can advertise your brand on


Over the past few years, Twitter has exploded in popularity. Twitter is yet another essential tool in the toolbox for businesses that want to market themselves effectively in 2019. If you’re searching for local marketing tools that actually work, then you can zero in on Twitter. Twitter can help your business spread the word about brand new services and products that are on the horizon. It can help your business tell everyone in your city or town about events that are coming up soon as well. If you want to promote an upcoming sale opportunity, then posting relevant Tweets can assist you in a big way.

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6. Link Building

Building links to your website increases your organic online traffic. The more links you build to your site, the higher your ranking in Google. The top 3 results in Google get about 60% of the traffic so building links is an important part of your overall strategy in 2024. If you want to show up higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, then you need to learn more about backlinks. Use tools like Majestic or Ahrefs to assist you and build a strategic link building plan based on your competitors. Just pop them into either of the tools mentioned and try to acquire links from the same sites your competitors have.

7. Yelp

Yelp is pretty much the #1 customer review site on the planet – it’s all about customer reviews and a necessary part of your local business promotion. If you’re enthusiastic about getting the name of your business out there, then you need to work on establishing a Yelp presence, zero exceptions. Yelp can aid people who wish to track down details that pertain to opening hours, telephone numbers and beyond, in addition to learning more about your business and it’s promotions.

8. YP (Yellow Pages) for Business

YP for Business is an app that can strengthen your local marketing mission substantially. If you establish a YP listing, you can make it markedly simpler for people nearby to be able to pinpoint you. YP is also critical for Local SEO. Having your site listed in local business directories makes you geographically relevant for Google searches so the more local directories like YP you are in, the better you will do for local queries.

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9. Bing Places for Business

Bing Places for Business can achieve a lot for businesses that are looking to amp up their local presence. A comprehensive Bing Places for a Business profile can help you get your business the attention it deserves by popping up when a relevant search is performed within your geographical area. It’s pretty much identical to Google My Business but… for Bing. Set up your profile ASAP it’s instant traffic.

10. Email Newsletters & Mailing Lists

An email is a modern form of currency. Building an email list of customers is essential in today’s day and age. Mailing lists allow you to communicate directly with thousands of customers at the touch of a button. Use MailChimp to communicate your local customer base and market your business with newsletters, coupons, incentives, specials and more. Email marketing is an essential piece of the puzzle for businesses that want their local marketing missions to go off without a hitch.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

If you’re not satisfied with the state of your business, then you need to be willing to take risks to grow it. Most of the tools and methods mentioned above are free so make sure to test out all of them and see how they positively impact the marketing of your local business. Read, learn how to utilize them correctly, and put time and care into learning how to market your local business effectively in 2024.