These Are the Best Cities in North America for Sports Fans

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Is there a more beloved genre of pastime in North America than sports? The short answer is that there’s probably not. But unfortunately for many residents of smaller or more remote cities and towns, following sports means staying locked to your TV and rooting for either the closest geographical team or the team you grew up supporting.

Not all sports cities were created equal, in other words. So, what makes a great sports city – what are the criteria? For starters, the city has to have some major teams to rally behind, as well as an ardent base of fans to drum up energy. The city also has to contain ample opportunities for people to play sports, both conventional ones and exciting rec activities. Finally, a great city needs an identity.

Let’s take a look at a few picks for the best sports cities in North America.


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For its sheer “winning-ness”, Boston deserves a spot on the list. Its Pats are blazing a trail of fire right through the heart of other city’s Super Bowl dreams, and its Bruins, Celtics and Red Sox aren’t too shabby either. Add to that the fact that the average Bostonian – love them or hate them – is very passionate about team sports, and you have yourself a bona fide sports-loving culture.


Dallas might steal a lot of the attention, but don’t discount Houston, a city whose base of sports fans is as strong as it is vocal. The Astros and Rockets are no slouch in their respective leagues, but what makes Houston truly special is its culture of playing sports.

There is a seemingly limitless well of fun activities from which to draw in Houston. One of the most fun rec activities, though, has to be axe throwing, which combines the focus of darts with the badassery of wielding an axe. But enough eulogizing: you can click here to learn more about Houston’s axe throwing scene.


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The sole Canadian entry on the list (sorry Calgary) is the only Canadian team to have multiple Big Four teams. And what teams they are: the Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors have each enjoyed recent tears of great playing. Torontonians are a passionate bunch, too, often displaying their pride with Boston-style fervor.


The Bears! The Bulls! Plus the Cubs, the White Sox, and the Blackhawks. After the Cubs finally kicked their Curse of the Billy Goat back in 2016, Chicagoans have rediscovered their swagger, and are riding a wave of good feelings and drunken cheers. Plus, their ballpark hotdogs are maybe the best in North America, with apologies to the Big Apple.

Los Angeles

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The city of angels is indeed a holy place of sports. It has numerous institutions, like the Kings, the Lakers, and the Dodgers, as well as a number of amazing college-level teams (from UCLA, USC, etc.) and perhaps the country’s most famous soccer team, Galaxy. It also enjoys the kind of year-round warm weather that invites citizens to get out and actually play sports.