Top 10 Bitcoin Cities in The World

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There is no doubt that we are living in a time when new technologies are being integrated more than ever before into all industries and segments of everyday life. One of the best examples is Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. This mode of trade has brought us a new form of a financial system that is most likely to replace the traditional one known so far.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin trading isn’t accepted everywhere. In some countries, the situation is really great and there are many BTC vendors. On the other hand, there are places where cryptocurrencies aren’t accepted at all. However, the growth of this cryptocurrency will at some point simply make everyone accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method and integrate it into various businesses.

If you want to join a crypto fever, we suggest starting with some sites that will help you understand how trading works and develop a strategy that will bring you great profits. One of the best for beginners is BitcoinRevival. This is an online software that helps you with the Bitcoin trade and provides accurate graphics and statistics to keep tracking cryptocurrency market. In the meantime, let’s check out what are the biggest Bitcoin hotspots in the world.

10. London, United Kingdom

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There is no doubt that London is one of the world’s most important capitals and financial centers. This one is among Europe’s cities with the highest density of businesses associated with Bitcoin- as much as 88. Also, London has 74 Bitcoin ATMs.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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When it comes to South America, this continent has a really large number of merchants who accept Bitcoin as a payment method. A particularly interesting hotspot is Buenos Aires which has as many as 130 businesses as well as 3 AMTs linked to this cryptocurrency.

8. New York, United States

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As a city with a population of 8.4 million, it is no wonder that New York is among the top 10 Bitcoin cities. There are as many as 122 merchants and even 117 ATMs.

7. Vancouver, Canada

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The northern neighbor of the United States is a paradise for persons trading Bitcoins. One of Canada’s largest cities is Vancouver with as many as 86 businesses that accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method.

6. Berlin, Germany

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We are going back to Europe, precisely to the German capital. When it comes to the old continent, Berlin is one of the pioneers who have embraced Bitcoin. There are currently about 77 merchants in the city, but also only one ATM.

5. Madrid, Spain

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When it comes to the Spanish capital, Madrid has as many as 97 places where you can pay for services using Bitcoins. In addition, there are seven Bitcoin ATMs.

3. Vienna, Austria

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One interesting fact about Vienna is that there was established the first bank to accept Bitcoins. There are 79 vendors in the city that accept payment using Bitcoins and you can also use 66 ATMs.

3. Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Ljubljana is definitely the city with the least population, but also a large number of places where you can buy things using BTC. Also, there are 5 ATMs.

2. San Francisco, United States

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San Francisco is a city that has always been a place where new technologies and innovations have received support. The same is with this cryptocurrency because as many as 177 merchants accept this cryptocurrency and there are 29 ATMs for exchange.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

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Last but not least, Czech Republic’s capital has become a great hotspot over the past few years for anyone looking to spend BTCs. Over 50 merchants accept this digital currency and there are over 46 ATMs where you can buy or sell your Bitcoins.