Top 10 Must-Visit Places in the Maldives

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There are several islands in the Southern part of Asia, but the one that beckons tourists from all parts of the world is the Maldives, also known as the Maldive Islands. This island is located in the Indian Ocean and boasts of having 26 atolls. The dark blue ocean is really crystal clear, having white sandy shorelines, extraordinary coral reefs, and variety of vegetation. This place can be termed for groups, families, and couples. It is also a favorite romantic spot for newlywed couples and those who would like to take their marriage to the next level. Tourists can simply spend their days on the beach or going out for boating, swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling as they desire. The clear waters of the ocean allow visitors to investigate the different types of colorful fishes that inhabit the place. The shores are also very much safe for women and girls of all ages.

Best attractions of Maldives

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  • Biyadhoo Island Resort: It is said to have a quiet, tranquil and mesmerizing shoreline and is regarded to be the PADI Dive Centre’s best reef houses. This island has an offer a wide range of water games like snorkeling, swimming, jumping, etc. Over 35 jumping spots are present in this region, thereby providing the tourists with plenty of choices to make from. Depending upon the streams and prevailing climatic conditions, the tourist can choose diverse routes. Irrespective of the fact that the tourist searching for a calm place to relax and unwind or want to indulge in different types of water pleasure, this place has everything to offer. It also has several settlements, offices, and feasts that make this island a must-visit on the agenda.
  • Utheemu Ganduvaru: This is definitely an authentic place to be in the Maldives and a must-visit location. It was once the residence of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan, who is considered to be among the legends here. He was well known for his indulging in courageous activities and sparing his kin from Portuguese victors. The island Utheemu is located in the northern part of the country.
  • National Museum: This is also a wonderful place for tourists of all ages to be and is located at Male, the capital of the country. This building is said to house different types of verifiable antiques which mirror the nation’s historical backdrop. The 3-story old gallery is regarded to be the initial historical center and undoubtedly a marvel of Maldivian Royal Palace. The Chinese Government has recently composed and constructed a new exhibition hall, where old historical antiques are maintained. It was on 26th July 2010 that this building was proclaimed to be the country’s official National Museum. It is definitely the ideal place for those who would like to find out more about the ancient rarities as well as the rich story of the country, its culture, and heritage.
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  • Hukuru Miskijy (Referred to as Old Friday Mosque): It is stated to be the country’s most established mosque visited by locals and devotees from neighboring islands and countries. The internal structure is simply brilliant, while its carvings and coral stone dividers along with the Arabic scripts are simply amazing. Besides this, it also houses tombs raised in the memory of nobles, sultans, and legends. It is indeed a calm and serene place where tourists can discover peace and knowledge about Islamic culture and its history in the Maldives.
  • Banana Reef: Located at North Male Atoll, this reef is considered to be among the most visited places in the Maldives and a favorite jumping site. The name ‘Banana Reef’ has been derived as it has a state of banana which stretches out from north-south by about 300 meters. The reef’s significant component is the marine life. Tourists can also discover the uncommon Bannerfish, Moray Eels, and Napoleon Wrasse. It also houses various types, sizes, and hues of fish. Its plunging float is what has notoriously made Banana Reef quite popular as a favorite jump destination in the entire Maldives.
  • HP Reef: It is among the best plunging locales in the country and also a favorite jumping destination, allowing visitors to investigate the different kinds of coral reef that can be found here along with the variety of fishes. Located at North Male Atoll, it is known for its marine life and providing visitors with amazing, rich experience.
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  • Alimatha Island: This Island is located on the eastern part of Maldives at Vaayu Atoll. It is known to offer travelers with world-class plunging, focal shoreline finish having awesome offices and aquarium type snorkeling experience. This island does have rich green vegetation, staggering destinations, and encompassed by vast shorelines. It does offer a five-star environment for those who can afford it.
  • Manta Point: This point is termed to be an exotic jumping range, allowing visitors to appreciate the manta beams found here in vast quantities and cleaned by wrasses. On the shallow waters can be discovered tiny fish. Be it a beginner or an accomplished jumper; this point is sure to be enjoyed thoroughly.
  • Blue tribe Moofushi: With Maldives tourism highlighting mainly marine life and the blue crystal clear waters, Bluetribe Moofushi jumping is said to focus on offering tourists with the very best water sports exercises and an amazing environment to explore. Some of the interesting activities to indulge here include plunging, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, riding on pedal pontoons/sailboats and other activities. This place is also the perfect one to spot manta beams, whale sharks, and lots of fishes.
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  • Sun Island Spa & Resort: It is located on the South Ari Atoll and is known for its fascinating tropical blooms, staggering tidal ponds and delightful greenery that is sure to capture the visitor’s attention. It is also said to be a lavish resort having Villa Hotels offer a luxurious stay and spa experience.

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