Top 4 Bits of Advice For Building Email Lists

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Email lists are a crucial part of digital marketing because they work to a large extent. When we talk about email, we usually get the feeling that it’s not a very popular form of digital marketing. However, little do people know is that email has the biggest conversion rate out of all other forms of digital marketing.

Why is that, you might ask? Well, the number one reason as to why email has the largest conversion rate is the simple fact that people subscribe to it. Instead of running meaningless social media ads, that no one likes to pop up on their home page, why not try and create an email list that will drive a 100% conversion rate?

If you do indeed want to try your luck with email lists, then here are the top 4 pieces of advice for building one.

1. Turn Your Landing Page Into a Subscriber Form

If you have a website that drives traffic on a daily bases, then one way to utilize that traffic, even more, is to turn your landing page into a massive subscriber form. According to TheChecker, you don’t even have to modify your current landing page, just make a subscriber form and place it on a specific place where people can visibly see it.

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2. Don’t Use Annoying Popovers

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a website and instantly get met with an annoying popover that takes up the entire screen in an aggressive way. For the sake of it, there is nothing wrong with popovers but you need to make it less aggressive. You need to tell people that they CAN subscriber, and not that they MUST subscribe. If they tell people one thing, they will do the complete opposite; it’s just the way human psychology works.

3. Write Amazing Content

People will only subscribe to your email list if they like your stories. As a blogger, you need to deliver entertaining and useful content to your readers so that you can convert them from readers to subscribers.

So what is the secret to writing amazing content? Just write stuff that you find interesting. If you have a nice website, then write about interesting stuff around your area of expertise. Create amazingly catchy headlines and try to make the length of each article no more than 2,000 words. It’s a known fact that blog posts or articles with 2,000 worlds are the most successful ones.

Furthermore, you need to keep stacking your website with content, even if some of your blog posts are not as interesting as others. Have you just written a sloppy article? Don’t be afraid to publish it even if it isn’t coming together.

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4. Create a Strong Incentive to Subscribe

Most subscriber forms read out simple words like “Grab Our Latest Posts”. But what they should truly read is “Like What You See? Then Why Not Subscribe For More?”

When building an email list, you have to make people want to subscribe to your email list. You do this by creating a strong incentive to subscribe, and there are a couple of ways you can do it.

While ultimately each person should come up with his own way of telling people to join his subscriber group, the most successful ones are by offering free videos, ebooks, and tips on topics around your area of expertise.