5 Essential Tips for a Family Vacation Planning

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Summers are in, and family planning is on. Whether to fly overseas or to plan for a road trip, families are gearing up to explore the destinations on the wish list for getting a sigh of relief from the routine work and add some memorable travel experiences to the mysterious box of life.

Many people believe that travel is something best left to the experts, but if you don’t want to spend hours researching and planning your trip then booking a travel expert or doing it yourself can be a great idea.
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Family trips and journeys are enjoyable and help all the busy lives reconnect and cherish the incredible together spent moments; however, the plans may not always play out exactly as envisioned.

So, here I share some bits of suggestions and tips which would help you sail smoothly with the family Vacation Planning. Take a rundown:

1. Take Up A Mutual Decision: Where to Go and What to Do

Travelling with the loved ones would require you to have a common trip goal and, therefore, the decision of commuting to a place should be made on which everybody agrees. One must work out on the outline of the trip, discuss the prerequisites, take trip options, consider everybody’s needs, take into account everyone’s taste, and ultimately, merge the different opinions and finalize the trip decision.

One must consult a travel advisor or even friends (familiar with the place to visit) to organize well the journey that incorporates activities for all age types.

2. Look for Budget: How to Manage the Costs?

First things first, travel budget is the primary concern which everyone needs to pay heed to whether commuting solo, with friends or family. One must keep the travel costs in line by realistically analyzing the budget for the destination to visit.

Many factors influence the price range of the journey planned. How you want to travel, which sightseeing places to cover, the accommodation, duration of the trip, food expenses, travel charges (by air or road), and many others in the line.

The significant aspect to consider foremost in your travel plan is ‘What’s important to do and what’s the least important where cost-cutting can be done.’  Some suggestions coming up right from the experts for group travel says:

  • Consider the tips to lower down your airfare (if flying),
  • To avoid too many excursions, take up cruises to enjoy almost everything,
  • Avoid hotels and look for their alternatives like rented houses or apartments which helps reduce the cost of lodging

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Furthermore, the next primary point of concern is to check that only one person in the family is not burdened with financial responsibilities. A journey includes many things (travel and lodging, meals, commutation, tickets and passes, etc.) which possibly can be handled and organized by one person but can’t be sponsored by the same individual.

Thus, it’s essential to determine these monetary duties upfront, to have clarity on these details so that the motive of a multigenerational trip doesn’t get ruined.

You may consider these tips to avoid extra airline fees and travel while being on a set budget.

3. Consider Health Needs: Special Care for Children and Elders

While planning with kids and gray hair family members, you must take care of their health needs and plan the holiday destination accordingly where one and all can enjoy tourist attractions.

One must keep in mind the weather conditions of the visiting place so that children and grandparents do not have to face hurdles in their travel.

For your stay in hotels, you must look for family-supporting accommodations, especially when you are accompanied by minors and aged people. There are many resorts and hotels available which have special provisions for their little guests and elders like qualified caretakers and babysitters, shuttle services to and from the hotel/resort and much more. They may charge a fee which is mostly negligible.

4. Pack Less and Light: Don’t forget to Keep the Essentials


Packing is an essential task to be done while planning for the whole trip and there is a lot to consider while packing, including the length of the trip, weather conditions, number of people accompanying, size of the luggage, and weight limits. With so many factors, overpacking and under packing might take place, especially if you wait until the last minute to pack.

Here, I am sharing a few packing tips which might help you with packing real smart.

  • Make your packing list a few weeks ahead of your journey date and make sure to collect all the items mentioned in the list at least a week before the departure.
  • Review the list after you are done with packing to make sure that you don’t forget anything, especially the small items.
  • Follow the 1-minute rule, which means that if a packing task takes less than 1 minute, do it right away.
  • While you are busy packing, always remember to keep the essentials handy. Also, consider rolling your clothes instead of folding which will save you a lot of space in the bag, which you may use for packing other things.
  • If travelling with kids, keep their essentials on top so that you don’t have to unpack it all to find a thing or two in times of need.
  • The most important thing to remember while packing is taking care of your airline’s luggage weight restrictions.

You may also go through the best packing tips which will help you deal with the pressure of packing.

5. Limit the Screen Time: Take Some Space from the Media

In the digital world, it has become almost impossible for us to stay away from social media for even an hour. But, deciding to limit the screen time while on a vacation with the family will make it possible for all the members to feel more connected and engaged.

You may refrain yourself from sharing the status and pictures of your vacation during the trip and do the same after you are back home. Also, limiting the use of electronics for kids to long flights or car rides will make sure that your kids enjoy every bit of the vacation. You may ask them to draw, write or do any other activity during the travel, which eventually will help them boost their creativity level.

So, stop wasting time on social media and create the best of memories with your loved ones.

The Last Say

The destination you choose doesn’t matter when it comes to travelling with family. All that matters is the fact that you are doing it together and the only thing that makes your travel experience memorable is what you choose to do. So, make sure that you place more importance to being together and enjoying.

Lay emphasis to every bit while being on a vacation because it will not only give you memories to cherish for a lifetime but also help in enhancing the physical and mental health of yourself and your kids as well, while extending your relationship with family members.