Top 5 Dating Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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If you’re in the dating scene and dinner is at your apartment home, you’ll want to make sure you leave a good first impression on your date. The internet is littered with dating and relationship advice, but according to the luxury apartment community, LinkApartmentsMixson, here are the top 5 dating tips for apartment dwellers that we found.


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This should be an obvious one, but make sure you get the places you don’t routinely clean. Wipe the smudges off mirrors and glass top tables, clean up coffee rings on the table, and pick up clothes that may be scattered around furniture and the floor. This is also a good time to clean up your fridge. A date can tell a lot about the cleanliness of a person by how their fridge looks. If they go to grab a drink, you won’t want to turn them off by having old, gross food sitting around. Toss out those veggies you don’t intend to eat that have been in there since last week and give it a good wipe down.

Set the Atmosphere

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Aim for a touch of romance in your apartment. Focus on the lighting as bright lights can kill the mood you’re trying to set. Dim them a bit and light some candles around the place but be sure they’re in proper holders and only used in rooms where you’ll be! Some soft music playing in the background will also add to the romantic atmosphere.

Make Plans

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Planning after-dinner activities can show your date you can take the initiative and find fun things to do together. You may opt for a movie or a board game, or maybe even an after-dinner walk so the two of you can just talk. Whatever you plan, be sure your date is interested so they won’t find themselves bored and wanting to leave!


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While you won’t need a place setting with 3 different forks and 4 spoons, you’ll want to make sure your manners and etiquette are on point for the evening. Be mindful during dinner and don’t talk with food in your mouth or chew with your mouth open. After dinner, when your date is ready to head home, escort him or her to their car.

Comfy Spots

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If you’re headed to the living room to relax on the couch and watch a movie after dinner, make sure your date has a comfy spot to sit. If your date is during the cooler months, put a warm throw over the back of the couch to make it look cozier and inviting.

There are several ways you can prepare your apartment and yourself for a date. The most important thing to do is to clean. No date wants to come over to a cluttered apartment or eat dinner in a kitchen with a sink full of dishes! Brush up on your table manners and walk your date to their vehicle at the end of the night. Set the mood with some candles and music and be sure your date has a cozy spot to relax after dinner. Best of luck!