Top Apps for Students: Studying in College Made Easy

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Smartphones and tablets are meant for much more than just navigation and networking these days. If you’ve been using your smartphone at university for scrolling through social networks’ newsfeeds and breaking your favorite games’ records, why not take this opportunity to make use of your phone for your studies? Cards and notepads are passé. We now introduce you the top apps for students that can make your college life a lot easier.

Let’s go right to it:


If you’re working on any kind of academic writing and Microsoft Word can’t help you with the spelling and grammar, go to Spell Check. Although this is just a WebApp, it handles 12 languages and corrects up to 20,000 characters-long texts. Just paste the text, and the website will check case-sensitivity, style, colloquial language, commas, spelling, and redundancy.

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This app has several functions:

  • You can use the notes to collect ideas and pictures or create a checklist on the go.
  • Use the Clipper to save articles and images from your browser in Evernote.
  • There is a desktop app that allows you to view and manage your notes on a large screen.

To use Evernote, simply download it from the Apple Store or Google Play and sign in.


You don’t want to constantly exchange notes in a group chat or via email? Use Dropbox! And hook your friends up with it, too!

You can upload pictures, texts, presentations, etc., and make them visible to all. After signing up, all you have to do is log in and then share your files with your fellow students.


Here, you can gather your studying materials online and via the app (available on both Android and iPhone), generate index cards, and mark and share them with your fellow students. It is also possible to create MindMaps.

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APA Citation Generator

You must be dead tired of constantly checking the rulebook when you’re citing in APA. Thankfully for you and countless other students all over the world, there are tons of useful apps that do all the work for you. Take this APA citation generator, for example. All you need to do is input the needed data in the corresponding fields and press “Generate.” The website will do the rest for you!

You can also do the trick with MLA, Harvard, and Chicago styles. Isn’t it great?!


Imagine this. You’re traveling somewhere, and suddenly, you come up with a brilliant idea for the upcoming presentation, but you don’t have anything to write with on your person! Mindjet gives you the ability to easily and quickly create mind maps and organize your ideas. It is downloadable in all stores.


RefMe (short for Reference Made Easy) helps you to create bibliographies for your academic papers. You just scan the book you quoted using the barcode, and the app creates a bibliography for you.

RefMe can also create one from web pages, articles, or videos found on the Internet. There are over 7000 citation styles available. RefMe is available for free as a WebApp.

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Not in the mood for busy calendars and Post-It notes and everything being disordered and messy? Then this app is just for you!

You can enter your lectures and other appointments there and delete them if (luckily) some classes get canceled.

The difference from the standard calendar on your smartphone is a real deal-breaker. You can enter your exams and presentations and sort them by the submission date and priority. The pro version costs you €2.99 for iOS. In Google Playstore, it’s available for free with in-app purchases. Similar apps would be Timetable or MyStudyLife.

My Script Calculator

The perfect app for those who aren’t that good at complex math. You can simply write a formula on a sheet of paper and take a picture of it. My Script Calculator transforms everything for you and even solves all the equations! Of course, this is only a little helper, and it should not completely replace learning. It’s available for Android.