Travelling to The Netherlands for Business: Think About Renting a Car – 2024 Guide


Travelling for business comes with numerous decisions to be made. Upon your arrival at the airport, there are multiple ways to travel. This also holds true for a business trip in The Netherlands. When you arrive, there are multiple transportation modes at your disposal. There is a train station underneath Amsterdam Schiphol airport, as well as busses and taxis. However, considering the current COVID-19 situation, there is a better option for you to consider: car rental Schiphol on sites like By renting a car, you can minimize the contact with other people and drive to your meetings and hotels by yourself, with ease and as comfortable as you want it.

Car rental Schiphol: what you need to know


There are numerous companies that do offer car rentals at the main airport of The Netherlands, which is located in Amsterdam. Depending on your budget, you can decide to go for different services. The most popular one is the valet service. According to the demand for the latter service, it happens to be a very convenient service that enables you to walk outside of the airport, where the rented car will be waiting for you. You can check the car with the representative of the car rental company and simply drive off.

Another, even cheaper, option would be car rental companies at Schiphol which pick you up from the airport and bring you to the rental company. This takes slightly more time, but can still be a viable option for your business trip.

Driving in The Netherlands


If you have a European driver’s license, you can start your journey immediately. When the driver’s license is non-European and/or from outside of the European Union, there are requirements that need to be met.

The infrastructure in the country is excellent. The government is heavily investing in the roads and this becomes evident once you leave the airport. Do remember that during the peak times, major traffic jams arise. This normally happens in the busy provinces of North- and South Holland.

Other car rental options


There is also an option to rent a car Eindhoven. Eindhoven is located in the Southern part of The Netherlands. Here you can find a smaller regional airport where one can easily travel to/from within Europe. Most low budget airlines, such as RyanAir and Transavia, are connected to this airport. However, there are also non-European flights arriving from the countries Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Generally, in Eindhoven there are several rental companies that offer competitive tariffs due to the lower real estate costs and labor costs.

What do you need to consider?


When you decide to rent a car, the first element to consider is the pricing. The price is dependent on the type of car and the (extra) options you select. In most cases the cheapest option can be found when going for a small car. When you then add the necessary insurances, the price can already go up significantly. Next, you can add a specific amount of miles. In general, the standard is for you to have an x amount per day at your disposal. If you exceed this limit, expect the costs per kilometer to increase. You might want to calculate the anticipated amount of mileages that suit your needs, in order to avoid extra costs.

Car rental and camping got something in common


It is widely known that the majority of Dutch people enjoy going camping. As a foreigner you will understand why in a short time of period. Most people do not realize how small this European country is. Here is a reminder for you to keep in mind that the distance between the most northern part of the country to the most southern part can be driven within approximately 3 hours outside of the rush hours. This explains why most Dutch people prefer to take their car on holiday. They naturally expect to be able to drive through other and surrounding small countries within a few hours as well. Belgium and Luxembourg are the perfect examples for the latter. That is the reason why for decades, Dutch people have been visiting those two countries the most.

Like renting a car, camping is being done with a similar mentality. And in all honesty, it is simple. Whether it is a car or somewhere to sleep, when you have got your own, you are less dependent on others or you might even be fully independent. This has got to be one of the best feelings in your everyday life. You can go wherever you want to go and you can walk in and out of your camping as much as desired, without having to wait on public transport/ a taxi or a receptionist constantly looking at you.

Public transport in The Netherlands


When traveling for more than 1 hour, the chances are high for one to not want to take the car. In theory, the public transport services are well organized in The Netherlands. However, when it comes to making a statement or wanting to impress one another, public transport will not always do you justice. Bare in mind that public transport costs are very high in The Netherlands, compared to the surrounding and most other countries in general.

On top of the high costs, unfortunately, it is unreliable. The reason for it to be unreliable is, because of the many delays and cancellations. If the current COVID-19 circumstances do not already make you want to avoid public spaces for safety purposes, it should be the unpredictability of Dutch public transport that definitely will make you want to be independent from the busses and trains in The Netherlands.



When visiting the neighboring countries to save costs and remain independent, the best advice would be to camp instead of booking a hotel. In order to continue being sane, make sure to avoid public transport when it comes to moving locations, especially in Amsterdam.

Finally, ask yourself: “How unprofessional and unfortunate would it be to arrive late at a meeting?” When traveling to The Netherlands for business specifically, consider renting a car on your next trip. This option is convenient, easy to kickstart and the infrastructure is well positioned to take you everywhere in the country.