Ways to Spruce Up Your Company’s Annual Teambuilding Event

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It’s a good thing to have an annual team-building event. It’s an opportunity for your employees to bond and know each other better. You will also see them becoming more productive in their respective tasks as a result of the team building event.

If it’s an annual activity, you have to find a way to keep everyone interested. Old employees who already attended them before might not enjoy doing the same activity again. Therefore, you need to look for ways to spruce things up.

Hold it at a breath-taking location

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It helps to have a team-building activity held in a fantastic location. It’s not only a company event but an opportunity to rest. It also sends a message that the primary reason for hosting the event is to ensure that everyone gets enough rest, and it’s not an official work-related duty.

Invite a popular speaker

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You can also invite someone popular to speak during the event. Having a celebrity in the midst of a regular office activity will keep everyone engaged. It’s also inspiring to these employees since this person already has a proven track record. You want to keep people interested until the end of the session, and a celebrity would be of huge help.

Start the activities before the event

You don’t even have to wait until the day of the team building before you start the fun activities. You can provide games that employees will play while at work. It makes them feel excited and engaged. They will also feel that the team bundling event isn’t only a one-day event, but something that should inspire them as they head back to work.

Invite top company officials

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How often does your company give a chance to regular employees to meet with the executives? You need to provide an opportunity for it to happen. These top officials are also inspiring because they helped build the company. Without them, the business wouldn’t have made it so far. Hearing what they have to say could inspire the employees to work harder. It’s also easier for them to grasp the mission and core values of the company.

Host a funfair

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It would be fun to have a funfair. It gives everyone a chance to enjoy themselves and feel like a child again. Instead of doing the regular team building activities, you can opt for a funfair. It’s easy to organize since you can ask someone else to do it for you, like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk. The activities you can do could also be way more challenging than what you usually do.

There are employees who might start to get tired of doing team building events but will suddenly get excited because of the funfair. It’s a unique activity that your company is yet to try.

You can choose any of these activities and see where it goes. The point is to keep inspiring your employees to work together, and a well-organized team building event would be great.