Ways to Tell That a Job Candidate is a Serious Applicant

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There’s no formula for making sure that you hire the best person for the job. There are times when you feel confident about your decision, but you still end up with the wrong person. There are other times when you feel like you settle for someone who is good enough, but that person turns out to be perfect for your team.

To screen the choices, you need to have a clear recruitment process. Interviewing candidates is a standard part of the selection process. You will gain tons of information about the candidate in this phase. You can also validate the information written on the resume. Although you can tell the qualified candidates based on the resume, it’s still better if you meet them in person. Apart from the basic qualifications, you also have to judge the character of the candidates to determine if they would work well with the rest of your team.

During the interview, these are the signs to consider for you to know that you have the right person for the job.

Eagerness to answer the question

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It’s difficult to fake eagerness. When you don’t like the job offer, or there are parts of the discussion that you dislike, it will show in your facial expressions and body gestures. Therefore, if you see that someone is eager to take the post, it’s a sign that you will blend well. You might not have the most competent person, but the eagerness could translate to a willingness to learn.

Confidence in the responses

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There are jobs where a good character won’t cut it. You need someone who is an expert in that area. For instance, if you’re looking for physicians to fill posts, you can’t settle for anyone who isn’t confident. Simple errors in doing the job could be life-threatening. It helps if you can tell that the candidate responds well and can clearly explain their answers.

It’s not about the money

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You will find candidates who want the job because of the salary. Of course, everyone wants to receive a fulfilling paycheck. However, it shouldn’t be the primary motivation for doing the job. If you find a candidate who keeps asking about the salary and doesn’t seem to care about other aspects, you probably have the wrong person. Some fields, like medicine, require passion. You need someone who can see beyond the value of money.

Honesty in answering tough questions

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You have to vary the questions you need to ask during the interview. You can ask professional questions, so you will know the level of knowledge the candidate has for the job. You also need to ask personal questions, so you will know the person’s character and philosophies regarding life. In any type of question, you want an honest answer. Giving you a rehearsed response is a huge turn-off since you can’t gauge the candidate’s true personality.

You have to look at these signs before making a decision. If you’re searching for a qualified physician, you can consider a recruitment firm like https://mascmedical.com to make it easy for you to screen the choices.