Weight Loss Surgery Effectiveness

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Weight loss surgery is a surgery that is done to help an obese person in losing weight and lowering the risk of medical problems which are associated with it. The root cause of several life-threatening diseases is obesity. It is believed that obesity and excessive weight is the fifth major cause of death. Furthermore, it affects the person a lot be it emotionally, physically, or mentally. So, they have this option of weight loss surgery. Most people opt for this surgery when they have tried exercises and done diet, but nothing had worked for them or when people are suffering from serious health issues because of the weight issues.

Effectiveness of weight loss surgery

There are several factors which lead to the amount of success the surgery brings.

Age plays a major role in the success of weight loss surgery.

The weight before surgery is also an important factor that is considered.

Capacity to exercise- It works well and the effects are positive when you invest your time in exercising.

Health conditions of the person- If the health conditions are normal and a person has good health, it works and is one of the major factors for the effectiveness of weight loss surgery.

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Diet maintenance is necessary. If a person can maintain and balance his/her diet, the results are promising. Well maintained and a balanced diet proves to be very effective for the surgery.

Self-motivation, as well as the cooperation of the family members, relatives, and friends, also play a role in the success of weight loss surgery. When the person is accepting the surgery, and he/she is motivated and encouraged by relatives and friends, it also casts a great impact on the effectiveness of weight loss surgery.

With the medical advancements, there are a few weight loss surgery options:

  • Restrictive surgeries

This type of surgery helps in shrinking the stomach sizes, and help in slowing digestion. It states the smaller the size of the stomach, the less intake. The less you take the more kilograms you lose. It is that simple.

  • Malabsorptive surgeries

This surgery involves changing the way you take food. This makes your stomach smaller as well as remove part of a person’s digestive tract, and that is responsible for controlled calorie intake. But it has many side effects.

  • Implanting an electrical device

It is the newest amongst them. It interrupts the nerve signals between the brain and the stomach.

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If you are not sure about which surgery you should go for, you can easily google ‘weight loss surgery near me’ to get to know your nearest available options, and you may consult the doctors for the same according to your bodily requirements. One needs to know the risk factors associated with the treatment, and they can change their treatment options accordingly by talking to the doctors.

What is the total cost of weight loss surgery?

The average weight loss surgery cost is around 2.4 lakhs to 5 lakhs in India and according to medigence.com, weight loss surgery cost in India is way cheaper than in the US and UK.

Weight loss surgery side effects

As body experiences changes, there may be some reaction to this sudden weight loss. Whenever there are medical procedures done, there are certain post-treatment effects which one faces, so does weight loss surgery has. Below are the side effects which can be observed by the person who has undergone surgery.

  • Body ache is the common side effect which many people face.
  • Tiredness
  • You may have a feeling of tiredness; your body may feel weak initially.
  • Your body may feel cold at times.
  • Dry skin.
  • The person can observe hair problems like thinning of hair and noticeable hair loss.
  • Mood swings.