What Are The Talking Therapies?

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Relationship counseling is what is known as a ‘talking therapy’. We all know that talking about things can be good for us, and many people turn to friends and family for unofficial counseling and support. Whilst talking is great, many of the people we talk to whilst well-intentioned and with our best interests at heart, cannot always move the situation forward. For more information, visit carolinebronte.co.uk.

Talking therapies literally give someone a voice but with the ear of a trained counselor to help discuss and process what comes to light. It’s all about talking through what you feel and what’s going on in your head and how this affects your behavior. Talking therapies particularly look at the source point of negative thoughts and feelings. By understanding where these originate from, a counselor or therapist can help someone respond differently to the trigger points for their situation. This ability to alter response starts to put that individual back in control of their life, renewing confidence, and improving mood and outlook.

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CBT is a talking therapy, it might sound a bit nebulous but is actually based on proven scientific methods. Counseling might just appear like a good chat, but sessions benefit from clear structures and well-defined goals. The focus is on both the problems and their solutions.

CBT is a universal therapy that is often recommended for a range of problems, both physical and mental. It has a clear and beneficial role in couples’ counseling as the problematic nature of a stalled or toxic relationship is all about entrenched and seemingly immovable positioning between two people. CBT is particularly useful for situations where the problems all seem to be interlocking, and there appears to be no clear way out or mechanism available to start solving these issues.

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Essentially CBT teaches people that they can choose how they think, how they respond to something. The initial emotion of anger, sadness, or happiness will trigger a response or thought which can be changed. Once the individual or couple realizes that they are not trying to change how they feel but how they respond to how they feel, there can be a real sense of liberation and life-changing control. Some tips on how to control your emotions can be found on website Men’s Group.

CBT is famous for not feeling like counseling or therapy. It is not intrusive or stigmatized and is very useful in couples’ counseling where one person is resistant to the idea of intervention whilst the other is not. CBT is not about telling couples what to do or think but helping them to explore negative responses to one another and what causes those responses. It is a newer therapy for relationship problems having previously been viewed as suitable for a range of emotional, mental and physical problems affecting individuals.