5 Popular Crypto ATMs That You Can Purchase Today

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Cryptocurrency has been the main economy craze for years now, and today, you can purchase ATMs that work with these virtual currencies. By some estimates, there are more than 4,400 digital-currency-dispensing machines around the globe, and new ones are being developed too. More and more people are buying them and installing them in their stores and business. Learn more in the article below, and make sure to visit btradesignalpro.software.

1. Lamassu

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Israeli company Lamassu is a famous cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer, and they were the first to develop a two-way ATM where you can both purchase and sell digital currency. The brand now has different models, including the Douro II for $5,897, the Sintra Forte Cryptomat for $10,094, the Sintra two-way that costs $8,506, and the newest in the lineup, Gaia, that will set you back $4,083. This modern company uses high-end components manufactured at a facility in Portugal. When it comes to the actual currencies, their ATMs support all of the major ones, including BTC, LTC, BCH, ZEC, DASH, and ETH, etc. As of today, Lamassu ATMs are present at 436 different locations.

2. General Bytes

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General Bytes is a brand that has been in the crypto ATM business since 2014. Because of their history in the market, they are one of the most popular device makers in the world. The company is based in Prague, and they have ATMs in more than 70 countries. What is more, they were the first to provide to add near field communication (NFC) to their models. Currently, there are 1,384 General Bytes machines operating in the world, and they make two different models: the Batman Two and the Batman Three. The Two has two sub models, the classic for $3,249, and the large for $3,999. The Three model has four different versions, ranging in price from $7,499 to $9,499 without accessories. General Bytes ATMs support more than 40+ cryptocurrencies.

3. Genesis Coin

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Genesis Coin is yet another famous crypto ATM brand. They offer two models, the Genesis 1 two-way machine ($14,500) and the Satoshi 1 ($6,800) that can also be a two-way. Genesis 1 has more features including a bill validator, a barcode scanner, a thermal printer, an EMV card reader, and optional fingerprint reader. It also has a high definition camera. It is quite big at 30x24x56 inches, and it weighs 400 lbs. In comparison, the Satoshi 1 is 18×2365 inches and 285 lbs. Now, there are 1,383 Genesis machines in existence.

4. Sumo ATM (Bitxatm)

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Sumo ATM (Bitxatm) offers two types of product series, the Sumo ATM V.4S for $6,691 and the White Label for $55,575. The first is made of industrial-grade materials and it is very easy to fit in smaller areas. According to the company, their plug and play setup process only takes half an hour. The model supports BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, and XMR cryptocurrencies. The White Label does not really offer anything different in terms of features. It is just an order of 10 ATM V.4S models at a bulk price. However, if you purchase it, you can add a logo on the back, have personalized menus and interactive elements, or use special paper rolls. Right now, Sumo ATM has 69 locations around the world.

5. Bitaccess

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We will finish things off with a Canadian company called Bitaccess, who offers two models. The first is Btm C for $6,000, and the second is the Btm SE $8,000. The C is an entry-level model two-way device with a neat 19” touchscreen. A minimum of two machines has to be ordered. The SE is a high-security configuration perfect for larger deployments, according to the company. All of their ATMs support a wide range of currencies, including BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, and some others. There are exactly 254 Bitaccess locations around the world.