What is the best 43-inch TV?

Previously, televisions with a large diagonal were considered a luxury item, but now, given how far technology has gone, you can buy such a device at a very reasonable price that is perfect for your home. If you have been thinking about this for a long time, but did not know which model to choose, then we suggest taking a look at our rating of TVs 43 inches in 2019. In it, you will find a solution that is right for you. Check out the 5 best 43-Inch TVs that are much more impressive.

Philips 43PFS4012

Philips 43PFS4012 was released in 2017 but is still popular among users. This is facilitated by the Full HD resolution of the TV, which in combination with Direct LED backlighting allows the image to be detailed and bright. The matrix is ​​calibrated with dignity – it has no problems with color reproduction and viewing angles.

There are no complaints about the build quality of the model – all materials are durable and high-quality, although some users are unhappy with too large legs. However, due to them, the TV is firmly fixed to the surface.

The sound of the model is excellent, which is rarely seen in this price category when the headphones are connected, it does not deteriorate. The device does not have Wi-Fi support, which can be attributed to the most significant disadvantages.

Hitachi 43HL15W64

Hitachi 43HL15W64 has a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels and a type of backlight Direct LED. Also, its advantages include a smart matrix calibration with decent contrast and sharpness. Of course, you won’t have to wait for an ideal black display, like the flagships of Sony and Samsung, but the maximum viewing angles and the price of the device level this disadvantage.

The model is powerful enough to not have any problems when playing videos from online services in 4K resolution. Stably she proved herself during the work through Wi-Fi or when starting video from external media.

The TV was assembled perfectly, only high-quality materials were chosen for the cast – metal for frames and legs, plastic for the rest. Judging by the reviews and user reviews, most of the complaints relate to the operation of Smart TV, if everything is stable during standard use, then the brakes start when applications are launched.

Samsung UE43N5500AU

Samsung UE43N5500AU has a much more modest resolution than a couple of previous representatives of our top best TVs with a diagonal of 43 inches in 2019, but despite this, it is not inferior to them in the quality of the transmitted image. The matrix with Full HD resolution and Edge LED backlighting demonstrate a bright and contrasting picture, in conjunction with maximum viewing angles.

The model looks modern due to the thin body, and a stable stand is responsible for reliability. There are no complaints about any component – there is no doubt about the quality of materials either. The Tizen smart TV system works smartly and stably, thanks to the ergonomic remote control, it’s quite easy to figure it out.

The sound is provided by two speakers with a power of 10 watts each. It is quite high quality, but if desired, you can connect external speakers optically. The main disadvantage is the lack of 4K resolution, but if this is not so critical for you, then this product of the South Korean brand is worth attention.

LG 43LK5000

It has a plastic case with a matte finish, which is resistant to various physical activities, dust, and other impurities are almost invisible to it. On it there are slots of the ventilation system, allowing to prevent overheating of the processor and other internal elements of the model. In terms of functionality, there is a minimalistic set, which will be quite enough for the average user: the Smart TV function is not provided here, there is a Wi-Fi module. There are no other possibilities either, otherwise, the design would have been much more expensive. In general, as users note in their reviews, this is the most classic television signal receiver in its traditional understanding. At the same time, it is compatible with absolutely all broadcast formats, and the tuner can pick up even an analog signal, which is gradually becoming obsolete.

There are a lot of connectors, they are located on the end of the device, so even if the TV hangs on the wall, access to them will be open. The product has a very original audio system, which is represented by two speakers, the total power of which is only 10 watts, but despite this, the TV volume is very decent. This can be achieved largely due to the presence of virtual surround sound, which will fill the room.

Sony KDL-43WF804

In the wide sale, this model appeared a little over a year ago, almost immediately it gained wide popularity. The TV operates based on the Android platform, which ensures the stability of the system and all installed applications. The appearance of the model almost completely repeats the design of models of the middle price category, it differs in a concept based on minimalism. The frames around the case are quite thin, made of plastic, but painted in metal, which gives additional design style. All cables coming from the TV can be hidden in a special niche so that a person directly in front of the screen will not see them.

Performance is at a very high level – this was achieved largely thanks to the special image processing system X-Reality Pro. This function provides a realistic transmission of colors, all noise is minimized. No blur or loops from objects moving around the screen were noticed. Viewing angles are quite wide due to the use of IPS matrix. The TV has a sufficient number of installed applications that can not only work with the received signal but also go online, watch movies on various online services. The audio power level is low – the stereo system is represented by two speakers of 5 W each, however, they are equipped with a modern sound encoding system, so the soundtrack is very clear.

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