What Types of Strategy Board Games Are There?

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Strategy board games are one of the oldest tabletop gaming genres out there. And it is still a confusing matter for a strategy board game addict to choose the perfect one. The history of this sport says that people love to involve in a challenge and win a battle of wit. From chess to war, strategy games have evolved a way better than before over the years.

It could be challenging to choose the right one for you as there are plenty of options. Though several types of strategy games are there from which you can choose the particular genre of the game you are interested in. You can check out authoritative gaming website boardgamesland.com to get suggestions and recommendations for top strategy tabletop games out there.

In this article, we will provide you with some suggestions of the best ones that you can choose to play with:

1) Best selling strategy game – Northgard:

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There are so many best selling strategy games in the market. Northgard is one of those best-selling ones that can come to your best gaming plan if you love to be a part of the battleground. This is based on the Viking-theme. This Viking-theme RTS is designed with Age of Empires and Settlers in it that allows you to take the challenge by planning your growth into new territories to score.

Also, the weather takes an important role in it as you have to prepare for the winter carefully but using a ‘lore’ can help you to get warm weather to win over your enemies. Enjoy the real fight experience in a skirmish with the well-designed campaign mission.

2) Best engine strategy game – Race for the Galaxy:

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Engine building games are mainly those which take you to build an engine that helps you to score more. These thrilling kinds of gaming activities are quite addictive and interesting. Race for the Galaxy is one of the best gaming activities where the players are given cards to build a galactic civilization.

In it, the players have to select a role to proceed and collect points. Also, bonus points are given with the developments, and extra card drawing helps you to get an extra point.

3) Best cooperative strategy game – Games like Flash Point: Fire Rescue:

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Cooperative strategy games are based on cooperative themes or ideas. Flash Point: Fire Rescue is good for people who love cooperative gaming. For those who love fire-fighting themes, this is perfect for those.

This easy-to-play gaming allows the player to run into the houses to save as many pets and people as they can. This one is perfect for families to play together as this is easier to play and interesting for the players.

4) Best light strategy game – Tsuro:

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Tsuro is one of the best light strategy games in the market. All you have to do is to stay on the board and pick a starting point by taking a dragon pawn.

According to the demand of the rule, the players need to build a road to defeat other players by leading them off the board by placing tiles of various paths. The one who stays to the last wins it.

5) Best economic strategy game – Cities: Skylines:

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In the genre of economic strategy games Cities: Skylines is the best one. It would be a smart choice for people who love economy strategy gaming.

It is designed to allow the players to build huge cities in the area of 36 kilometers. Also, there is management transportation where the players can design customized cities and districts where they can design well-planned taxation policies, industries and agriculture.

Also, budgets can be added to the city economy policies. Besides, day-night cycles and natural disasters are there that is also an important matter to affect the economy. Playing this works as a strategy booster for you as it is a turn-based and real-time strategy gaming activity.

6) Best family strategy game – Dominion:

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Dominion is perfect for you if you’re in search of a good strategy board game that is suitable for your family to play with. This “deck building” card gaming activity requires 10 weak cards at the beginning to form a deck that improves throughout the play by the attempts taken by purchasing and proceeding by playing treasure, action and victory cards.

Each gaming activity in the board starts differently accordingly the demand of the rule. One who collects more points worth of victory card wins it.

7) Best adventure strategy game – Claustrophobia 1643:

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For those who die for adventures, Claustrophobia 1643 is a perfect choice for them. This is designed perfectly with elements like a struggle for survival, demonic combat, and hellfire to give the perfect mode of adventure. Players have to face infernal forces from hell, weird group of humans, twisted battlefields, tunnels and many more.

It starts with a particular number of warriors in the set of each player’s whereas the demons get the new friends of their choice. It is the perfect package of thrilling adventures of an hour and a half, and a must-play one.

8) Best world war strategy game – Hearts of Iron IV:

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If you love taking challenges and warfare is your favorite genre to play, then Hearts of Iron IV is the perfect real-time strategy game for you to try. Here, you are going to be the in-charge of war plans that consist of millions of people, loads of factories and more than a dozen battlefields around the world.

It is designed with the scenarios and strategies of World War II that includes every possible thing like air zones, sea regions, provinces, different climates, terrains, and so on. This gives you real-time war experience and makes you feel like a real war and army personnel. For people who love war strategy gaming, this is worth-a-try.


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All the above-mentioned gaming activities contain skillfully designed graphics and sound effects that give you the feel of the particular genre in every bit. Also, they are the best-rated ones by the users and players. The multiple levels of difficulty allow all kinds of gamers to enjoy equally, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro.