What You Can And Cannot Load Into A Skip Bin

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Hiring a skip bin for your home clean-out or a much-awaited renovation is a smart choice. It makes waste disposal easier, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s as simple as contacting Eagle Dumpsters or the same platform company and they’ll send skips directly to your location to put your junk in. However, most people usually think they can throw all types of junk into the skip.

However, most people usually think they can throw all types of junk  into the skip and send it on its way. However, you need to know that there are certain types of waste materials that the law doesn’t allow you to put in a skip. You can also save some money by just the little effort of sorting out some items.

Here are some tips you need to learn so you can get the most from your skip bin hire:

What are the things you can’t load in skip bins?

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Waste management is one of the important responsibilities of state and territory governments. Each council has its own programs and policies, but all of them are trying to push for sanitary waste disposal. In general, the following items are not to be disposed of in a skip:

  1. Human or animal waste. These are toxic in a landfill, and are not allowed in waste containers as protection for the staff who will be unloading and sorting the waste,
  2. Hazardous liquids. Even in sealed containers, hazardous liquids should not be disposed of in the waste container. This includes paint, oil, pesticides or poisons that the staff might accidentally touch.
  3. Batteries. Some single-use batteries contain mercury, which is why they are considered as toxic waste. You can ask around for facilities that recycle all kinds of batteries instead.
  4. Asbestos. Asbestos contains extremely hazardous fibers. You should avoid handling it if you don’t know the precautions needed. Similarly, you shouldn’t dispose of anything with asbestos in skips, because the staff will be exposed to it, which can be dangerous to their health.
  5. Automobile tires. Vehicle tires are very difficult to process. Instead of throwing them in waste containers, they should be brought directly to establishments that recycle tires.

Is it okay to dispose of my white goods in these waste containers?

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Perth homeowners have always wondered how to throw away their old, irreparable appliances, like fridges, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and clothes dryers. The good news is that they are allowed to be thrown in the containers provided that lids and doors are removed. All fridges and freezers must also be de-gassed prior to disposal.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that it is not economical to dispose of your white goods in the method. They are very bulky, so they would take up a huge part of the bin you will hire. The best way to dispose of them is still taking them to white goods recycling facilities that are better equipped to take care of your old white goods for you.

What happens if prohibited waste is found in my skip during or after collection?

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To avoid future issues, it is very important for you to follow the aforementioned guidelines when you load your skip. If not, there are two possible penalties you might receive if prohibited waste is discovered.

First, your entire load might be taken back to your home. You will have to sort through all of your waste again, which will be an additional, unwanted task for you. You won’t just be picking stuff out of the container. You have to sort it out thoroughly by yourself.

Second, if hazardous materials are found in your skip, specialists might be asked to deal with them. The container might have to be transferred to another disposal site, and as the customer at fault, you would have to pay for all the additional costs incurred.

What are the rules about over-filling?

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In general, a waste container must be filled level to just the top of the container. This is due to government rules and regulations regarding overfilling skips. The containers are transported by trucks from your home to the waste recovery facility or landfill site through main roads, over bridges. In order to keep the other road users safe, there are load and load restraint laws to be followed. Basically, overfilling waste containers increases the chances of spilling it out onto the roads, or hitting overpasses and bridges when the trucks travel below them. This is very dangerous to other drivers, the infrastructure, and of course, the environment.

It is vital that you consider choosing a container large enough to accommodate your needs. You can always research on how to select the right skip size for your family to avoid over-filling.

What will my skip bin hire do if my skip is over-filled?

If the staff discovers that your skip is overfilled when they come to collect it, they are legally prohibited to take the bin. They would have to remove the excess waste and send an additional bin over to collect it. When this happens, you would have to cover the expenses.

How can segregate biodegradable and recyclable waste help customers?

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Segregating recyclable items like white goods and tires can help you save some money due to some reasons. First, they take up a lot of room in your skip since they’re bulky. You’re forced to ask for an additional container since the first one is already full. It is also more expensive to bring comingled waste to the landfill area than to recycle or dispose of them. This is also applicable to construction waste.

Considering this, it can be more cost-effective for you to bring your recyclables to dedicated facilities, and just hire one skip for your usual waste disposal. In the case of home renovations, you can hire two. One can be for general waste to be sent to landfills, and the other for construction ones like timber, concrete, sand, and brick, that the company can recycle at their waste recovery facility.

Waste disposal is something you take seriously, for your health, for others, and for our environment. Skip bins are efficient and effective, and you can rest assured that your waste will be disposed of properly. You can check www.speedybins.com.au/ to learn more about them. With a little effort and cooperation, and a good skip bin hire, waste disposable will be a breeze.