Why Climbing Kilimanjaro Needs to be on Your Bucket List

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It is not easy to make a decision to climb the world’s tallest mountain and it will certainly require a lot of endurance, patience, and a decent amount of fitness. However, unlike other mountains, Kilimanjaro, which stands at 5.895 meters and is the tallest mountain in Africa is an achievable bucket list option for most people that are fit.

Kilimanjaro is iconic – it is one of the most famous mountains in the world and for most of the 20.000 people that choose to climb it every year, it is their Everest. Hence, it is an otherworldly experience to stand on the top of the world. The people who choose to climb it are often hill hikers that are looking for big mountains in foreign countries, however, Mount Kilimanjaro has more benefits of its changing environments at different heights.

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On your way up, there are five entirely different environments that you will walkthrough. There is a tropical rainforest that is located at the bottom, this is where locals live, as well as grow plants like coffee and bananas. Then there is the amazing cloud forest, where you can see a lot of wildlife like monkeys, birds, and deer, however, they are quite shy, so you might not see them. Then you will slowly break into the Alpine landscape where the flora is more scrubby and beyond that area, there is a rocky type of landscape, with fewer plants. After that, you will be on snow and ice, with glaciers standing at over 5.000 meters. That is the magnificence and beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro. Every day will feel like a new world as you walk through its diverse ecosystems.

According to the experts from https://www.climbing-kilimanjaro.com/, the climb is quite achievable since it is not technical it is more like a hike up, and most people that are fit can get to the top. As long as you take things slow and do not push yourself to your limits, you have a good chance of summiting. You will be able to experience new things, enjoy the beautiful scenery, eat great food, and meet new people from all over the world.

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There are various reasons why someone would want to climb this mountain, some might be looking for spiritual achievement, others could be raising money for charity, while other people might climb it after a big life event such as graduation, marriage, or even retirement. However, whatever reason you have for climbing it, it is an experience that you will never forget.

Although this mountain can be climbed by people from all walk of life, keep in mind that it will still be a challenging thing to do. And, if you start doubting yourself at 5.000 meters that is where you will need to do one of the most important things – believing in yourself. By believing in yourself, you will be able to push yourself, reach the top, and become a part of history by writing your name in a notebook that is hidden in a wooden box.